Thursday, February 2, 2017

Welcome to SFR Brigade Showcase - Love across the Galaxy #SciFiRom

Welcome to the SFR Brigade February Showcase!

This month, I’m highlighting a brand new set of covers for the Grand Master’s Trilogy. The covers were designed by the talented Danielle Fine and rebrand the series as Epic SciFi/Fantasy.
Also, I’m offering you a free short SFR story for Valentine’s Day.

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New Covers for the Grand Master's Trilogy
Read about this series HERE
Currently, I am writing Book 4 in the Grand Masters' Galaxy. 

If you have read the books, do you think the man looks like the Griffin?

 Grand Masters' Galaxy

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Grand Master’s Mate: Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  

Excerpt from Grand Master’s Mate
Note: This scene describes a rare occasion when they travelled in a space shuttle. Violet is the pilot and the shuttle has been damaged.
The shuttle dipped below the sickly yellow clouds, shooting to the ground like a flaming arrow. Fires raged across her view.
Bump. Bump. Bump.
Turbulence tossed the unresponsive shuttle to and fro like a child’s toy.
They plummeted towards the ground and Violet shrieked in horror. Praying the mechanism would operate, she hit the switch to extend the wings and slow their descent. A jolt tossed her out of the seat. But, the wings had opened out. The shuttle leveled and sped over the blue expanse of an ocean and she exhaled in relief. 
Their speed was still far too high and the sensors were useless. Violet peered into the viewing screen, grateful the window was clear. Approaching rapidly from the distance, she saw the dark mass of a continent. She tried to recall the procedures for an emergency landing. Or crash, mostly likely, she mused, squashing her dread. There was one more option to try, unless they ejected. Glancing down, Violet saw Athanor sprawled on the floor with his eyes closed. She could never lift him into an ejection seat.
They shot across the continent. Violet punched the button to deploy the emergency parachute. A severe bump and their descent slowed to a gentle downwards drift. Jagged peaks lay straight ahead. Struggling with the controls, Violet nudged the shuttle toward a level area.
She activated the landing thrusters. Only one set worked. Tilted at a crazy angle, the shuttle dropped fast, zipping over sand and rocks.
Thump, thump, thump. They scraped across the sandy ground, and slammed to a halt.
Her head banged against the control panel, and she winced at the searing pain. But, they were down, and almost intact.
The whine of the thrusters faded.
She stared around the tilted cabin. The ship had tipped on its side and the port wall was now the floor. The view screen showed a patch of sand dotted with stones.
Scrambling out of the restraints, Violet looked for Athanor. He had slipped to the new bottom of the cabin, landing on the side door. His eyes were shut and blood trickled from a cut on his temple.
Scooting to his body, she crouched to examine him. “No,” she cried in anguish, sensing nothing of his power, not even the faint pulse of unconscious mental activity. He must be dead. Nearly hysterical, she pounded on his chest without seeing a reaction.
In utter despair, Violet embraced his body and sobbed, “Athanor, don’t die. Don’t leave me alone. I love you.” Tears flooded her face. For a long time, she sprawled on top of his body, heedless of her surroundings or dire predicament. 

A moan broke the silence.
Violet gasped in shock. Athanor’s body shifted and his eyelids fluttered open. His natural eye was a dull blue without the psi glow and the artificial eye looked like crazed glass.
“Athanor, you’re alive,” she breathed. Her tears of joy dripped onto his strained face.
He groaned, “I’m alive, but my psi power has died.”

So, they’re stranded on a strange planet without a working shuttle or psi powers. How are they going to get home?

For an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, you can read my micro story of love on another planet: Stranded on Illumina
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  1. Nice new covers, Aurora. Danielle has done a fine job.

  2. I like how the covers clearly convey they're part of a set -- good marketing!

  3. After that bumpy ride, hopefully the weapon is on this planet.

  4. Very nice job on the branding! Fun covers and excerpt!

  5. Holy moo! Those new covers are phenomenal!

    1. Thanks!
      I'll always appreciate your help in the early cover for Pawn.

  6. I like your new covers! Enjoyed the snippet too of course...