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Holiday Specials: Grand Master’s Trilogy #Bargain SciFi Fantasy eBooks #Giveaway

Grand Master’s Trilogy – All eBooks 99c from July 1-5th

I enjoyed this story. The world building made me use my imagination and it was truly beautiful. I traveled with Violet Hunter as she completed each mission for her Grand Master, the Griffin, while trying to discover his motives for the missions. Each mission, more dangerous than the last, helped me understand the Griffin more and the dangers of greed and the ambitions of others.

Each planet, species, Grand Masters, and other characters brought a special charm to the story. There wasn't one character that I was on the fence with how they made me feel... I either loved them or hated them. The romance felt a bit rushed and took a bit to get to, but once the Griffin let Violet see him for the first time, it was lovely. I loved seeing the chemistry between Violet and the Griffin transform over time.

If you like Sci-Fi and romance, this book's for you!

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Grand Master’s Pawn

Grand Master’s Game:

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New Release: Aliens in the Barn, Anthology by Kyndra Hatch #SciFi #Romance


Four short stories of romance between Bazin and Miaxa, two alien beings from the planet Beryll. Finding themselves on a previously unknown planet, Earth, they grow fond of a human family. Cultural misunderstandings are a constant, the day-in-the-life misadventures of Bazin and Miaxa and their human friends,
A life in pieces collection of the Maddox family’s everyday life with their alien residents.

Aliens in the Barn:
--There’s a mechanical extraterrestrial living in Alex’s barn, but what will happen if the alien’s wife arrives? Wait, Bazin’s married?

Scared to Death:
--Beth has been married to Alex for over a year, and he still can't make it home for dinner. Why do he and his coworker friend spend so much time working on that truck in the barn?

The Skellyd Hunters:
--With a core-bonded strength few understand, Bazin and Miaxa are Beryll's finest warriors. Sometimes they go a little too far and Andler is left with the consequences, for better or worse.

Meet Douglas Fir:
--Being human isn't easy with robotic alien residents misunderstanding the simple stuff. Alex can't imagine his family life without Bazin and Miaxa, however. Time to have them over for Christmas. 

Excerpt from Aliens in the Barn:

As Miaxa’s current form grew larger in the rearview mirror, Bazin took control of the truck again.
Alex threw up his hands. "Come on, Bazin!"
Bazin revved the truck, no intention of speeding up. The arc of lightning that passed from Miaxa just as she connected with the bumper? That was unexpected.
When Alex started jumping and yelling as if the cab were suddenly full of rattlesnakes, he knew he had been unsuccessful in preventing the electric shock from passing through. When a thrill like he hadn’t felt in a long time coursed through his system, he knew he was unsuccessful in preventing the aftershock, too. The console was covered in arcs of lightning, jolts of electricity shooting through his system in wave after delightful wave.
The human was obviously not having the same thrill, yelling and cursing, trying to stand up off the seat, only to be electrocuted through those spindly legs as soon as his booted feet hit the floor. Alex tried pulling up on the steering wheel, but judging by the loud crackle of sparks that traveled from his fingers up his arms, Bazin was guessing that didn’t help at all.
"Owww! Bazin? What the hell…Argh!" Alex screeched.
It was difficult to tear away from the wonderful sensations, but Bazin managed to speed up the truck, edging a little distance from the Jeep.
"Quantus, Miaxa," he sent through their bond. "You're going to make me electrocute my human."

Available at:

Barnes & Noble:

Meet the Author

Kyndra Hatch grew up with a fascination for science fiction and a deep interest in ancient civilizations, a combination which fuels her active imagination. After twelve exciting years as an archaeologist, Kyndra has decided to take a break from her career to have more time with her husband of nearly two decades. She pursues a passion for writing and is an active member of the SFR Brigade. Her debut story, "The Stranger," won the 2014 SFR Galaxy Award for Outstanding Debut Story.

“The Stranger” can be found in the anthology, “Tales from the SFR Brigade” and is set in the same universe as “Aliens in the Barn.”

“Aliens in the Barn” is featured in the anthology, “Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance and Adventure.”

Kyndra is currently working on a series for this universe: Fracture. Visit her blog for updates and coming release dates. Thanks for reading!

Twitter: @kyndrahatch

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Sun, Surf & Sand - $500 in Hand #Giveaways #Amazon Giftcard

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Meet your giveaway sponsors from #eNovAaW

Jackie Weger
Jackie Weger is a traveler of the good earth by boat, train, plane and truck. But mostly she just gets as far as Walmart.

Donna Fasano
Donna Fasano is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Her books have won awards and have sold 4 million copes world wide.

Aurora Springer
Morphing from scientific research into fiction, Aurora Springer has achieved her life-long ambition to publish her creations. Her stories include science fiction and fantasy with romance, mystery and a sprinkle of humor. In real life, she works as a scientist and has a PhD in molecular biophysics. She was born in the UK and lives in Atlanta with her husband, a dog and two cats to sit on the laptop. Her hobbies, besides reading and writing, include outdoor activities like watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing.

Lorena Angell
Lorena Angell lives in Washington where she enjoys gardening, hiking, bar-b-queing, and being with her family. She writes Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal. Her series, The Unaltered, is a #1 bestseller in eleven countries and is currently being optioned for film.

A.J. Lape
A. J. Lape lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola--plus a lifelong love affair with bacon she has no plans to sever. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Master's degree in Communications, she's a PI wannabe but daily stops crime and kills bad people through the fictional ADHD character of Darcy Walker. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she'll be wearing prison-orange due to the graphic and disgusting "wiki" articles she looks up...all in the name of career research, of course.

Jerri Hines
Jerri Hines is an Amazon bestselling author of the Winds of the Betrayal and Winds of Change series and Southern Legacy serial that were inspired by her fascination with history. She is a Southern gal who has lived the last thirty years near Boston with her Yankee husband. She believes in love and the power it holds. It is the reason she writes romances. Her much anticipated conclusion to Winds of Betrayal, Set Fire To the Rain, will be released December, 2016. She is also an Amazon Bestselling author under her penname, Colleen Connally

Amy Vansant
Amy specializes in fun, comedic reads about accident prone, easily distracted women with questionable taste in men. So, autobiographies, mostly. She is a nerd and Labradoodle mommy who works at home with her goofy husband. She loves interacting with fans when the dog isn't laying on top of her, so stop by her blog or Twitter and say hi!

Dan Petrosini
Dan teaches at local colleges, writes novels and plays the tenor saxophone in a couple of jazz bands. Married with two daughters and a needy Maltese, Dan splits his time between South West, Florida and New York City where he was born. Dan has his own view of the world and culture or lack thereof. He has an active blog at, has written four novels and is in the midst of the next one.

Roberta Kagan
Thank you so much for your interest in my work. My mother was Jewish and my father was Romany. From the time I was young, the dark memories of the holocaust were apart of my life.  Soon all the survivors will be gone, and the lessons of the holocaust must not be lost with them. I studied, researched,  and met with survivors, and each story of survival has one common thread, that even in the darkest hour there's always a flicker of light. And that flicker of light is, love.
I send you many blessings. Roberta

Anne Kennison
With more than 30 years of lawyering under her belt, and now retired from the practice of law, Anne describes herself as a ""recovering attorney."" Anne's unique plot twists come from a fertile imagination honed by those years of experience.

When Anne's not writing, she dabbles in photography, makes scrapbooks for her two granddaughters, makes jewelry, hangs out with the grandkids, and travels with her husband. Although they have traveled extensively from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, and from Asia to Europe, what they love most is adventure travel. Anne says, ""So much world to see, so little time!""

Anne lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband Dale and two Ragdoll cats, Grady and Elliott.

Kerry J. Donovan
#1 International Best-seller with On Lucky Shores, Kerry J Donovan was born in Dublin. He spent most of his life in the UK, and now lives in the heart of rural Brittany with his wonderful and patient wife, Jan. They have three children and four grandchildren (so far), all of whom live in England. An absentee granddad, Kerry is hugely thankful for the advent of video calling.

The cottage is a pet free zone (apart from the field mice, moles, and red squirrels).

Kerry earned a first class honours degree in Human Biology, and has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Sciences. A former scientific advisor to The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, he helped UK emergency first-responders prepare for chemical attacks in the wake of 9/11. This background adds a scientific edge to his writing. He is also a former furniture designer/maker.

Julie Frayn
Julie Frayn is a Canadian multi-award-winning author of novels and short stories that pack a punch. And a few stabs. Julie lives in Alberta, near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. When not working or writing, Julie spend as much time as possible with her babies. Well, they’re grown adults now, but they still think she’s cool. Right kids? Right? Hello?

R.P. Dahlke
Biography for A Dangerous Harbor
This book and its sequel, Hurricane Hole, are the result of my years sailing in Mexico with my husband aboard our cutter rigged Hylas 47 sailboat. Mexico is a culture that was, and still is, struggling to gain a foothold in the 21st Century. These romantic suspense books (no graphic sex, but lots of humor) are about Americans who're here because they can't seem to outrun the problems they so desperately want to leave behind.

David Wind
David Wind has published thirty-eight novels including Science Fiction, Mystery and suspense thrillers. He lives and writes in a small village about thirty miles upstate of NYC, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie, a sub-standard poodle (email him for an explanation).

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What does it mean? Snippet from Super Starrella for #WeWriWa

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers in different genres showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.
I’ve been giving you a glimpse into Estelle’s secret life as Super Starrella. Starrella’s winged mare, Rockette, was rescued by a large cat. You can read last week’s snippet here:
Last week, a masked man in black appeared. Here is the last line: “Toby!” Starrella cried. “What the heck is going on?”

She stepped closer, holding out her hand to show the small flame rising from her palm.
His eyes glinted in the light and he drawled, “Super Starrella’s firepower! Great, we’ll need you for the mantis attack.”
“No, not the mantises.” She waved a hand at him and pointed back at herself, “You, me, and these silly costumes? What does it all mean?”
“Didn’t they tell you at the Clinic?”
She raised her eyebrows, “I was shown how to change the colors of my nanosuit. Cute, but doesn’t explain anything. Rockette told me more than Dr. Netta did.”

I may give you one more snippet, but soon I’ll move onto the sequel, Starrella Falls.

Buy Links for Super Starrella

Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance and Adventure 
Releasing June 28 at special price of 99c

As always, your comments are welcome. Please return to to sample the works of the other writers. 

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Analysis of an eBook Promotion Strategy #MarketingTips for #IndieAuthors

I used a two part strategy to promote The Lady is Blue – FREE June 3-5th followed by 99c June 6-10th

Buy Links:

The Lady is Blue is Book 1 of my science fiction romance series, Atrapako on Eden. 
This series has only two books at present. Dragons of Vkani is Book 2 and was set at 99c to encourage sales during the promotion of FREE Book 1.   

Sites for FREE Promotion (June 3-5th) 
Patty’s Promo June 4-5th

Sites for 99c Promotion (June 6-10th) June 8th     for 9th
Bookbrag  3-7th

Caveat: I do not know if the book appeared on several of these sites. I used free options in all cases. 

Amazon Rankings
Best Free (June 5th)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #400 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

Best Paid (June 6th)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #33,090 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
·       #251 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization

Brutally Honest Results of Promotion
Total of 704 free copies.
Book 1: 13 sold by June 14th (most at 99c) 
Book 2: 4 sold by June 14th (all at 99c special price)
Also about 6000 KU reads. 
Total income ~$30

Not spectacular, but the promotion kickstarted the book sales for about a week after it was free and the KU reads continued for a couple of weeks. 
Patty Jansen's promo of Science Fiction & Fantasy eBooks works well, with cross-promotion by contributing authors (100-150!). 

My Conclusions: 
The two-part promotion of Free eBook followed by 99c sale helps bring in sales. 
Apparently I need to run promotions about every two weeks for my books. As far as I can tell, sales are worse than a year ago, presumably due to the large volume of competing books. 
Having books in a series helps in the sense that you need only promote Book 1, or else you can run Book 2 free and Book 1 at 99c. 
Also, I need to publish more books. New releases are good for sales. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A moving shadow - Snippet from Super Starrella for #WeWriWa #Superhero

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers in different genres showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.
I’ve been showing you a glimpse into Estelle’s secret life as Super Starrella. Last week, Starrella’s winged mare, Rockette, was rescued by a large cat. You can read last week’s snippet here:

Starrella raced to her mare. The big cat turned to face her, bared its curved fangs and snarled. Halting cautiously, Starrella tossed her hair back over her shoulders and stared at the powerful black cat. Nearly as tall as the mare, its sleek black fur had the pale yellow splotches of a South American jaguar.
A faint sound called her attention to the dark side of the building.
A man stepped out of the darkness, all in black except for his eyes. In the dull black material of his close-fitting suit, he was almost invisible, like a moving shadow. Even so, she recognized his distinctive broad shoulders and muscular arms.
“Toby!” Starrella cried. “What the heck is going on?”

What indeed? So here you see another facet of the mysterious Toby. 
Would you like the next snippet from this scene? Reply in the Comments.
I won’t continue much further, but hope to start giving you snippets from the sequel, Starrella Falls.

Buy Links for Super Starrella (99c until June 20th)

New Release - Pre-order for 99c - Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance & Adventure

As always, your comments are welcome. Please return to to sample the works of the other writers. 

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Enter the Sizzling Summer Reads #Giveaways to Win my #Superhero Adventure & #Romance

Sizzling Sumer Reads runs June 1 to 30th with Grand Prize of $100 and 100’s of other prizes.

My book, Super Starrella, will be highlighted on June 12th

Read this Excerpt for a Hint to Starrella’s Favorite Animal
“Come and meet your animal companion.” Beckoning for Estelle to follow, Dr. Netta walked out of the room and along a white-walled hallway to another door. Opening the door, the severe woman ushered Estelle into a long greenhouse with a domed roof. She pointed at the far end. “Go through the door. Your mare is waiting at the back of the garden.”
Beyond the door, the brick path continued into a sunlit garden under a blue sky with white puffs of clouds. A thick hedge of tall bushes enclosed formal lawns edged in box and flower beds blooming in bright colors. At the end of the path, she glimpsed the white coat of her mare half hidden behind the rose bushes.
The small horse tossed her head and pranced towards Estelle. Her eyes were bright, her mane rippled free of tangles, and her coat glistened in the sunlight. Huge feathered wings were folded along the mare’s flanks. Brown feathers sprinkled among the white matched the tawny dapples on the mare’s hindquarters.
Reaching out to stroke the mare’s soft nose, Estelle breathed, “Spotty, you’ve grown wings. Beautiful wings!”
Spotty. That’s a stupid name for a winged horse!” The mare snorted, exposing her blocky teeth.   
Astounded by the mare’s caustic complaint, Estelle asked, “What do you want to be called? Pegasus?”  
Pegasus is a stallion, not a mare. I’m Rockette Farleon.” The mare tossed her head, swinging her long, blonde mane.
Suddenly realizing the mare had spoken inside her head, Estelle cried, “All right, Rockette. You can speak in my mind and you’ve grown wings. What’s going on in this weird Veterinary Clinic? Do you know?”
The mare’s soft nose poked Estelle’s chest. “The explosion at the army base induced our superpowers. I can fly!” Feathers brushed Estelle’s hand as Rockette stretched her wings to their full extent.
“Superpowers?” Estelle blurted indignantly. “What superpower do I have, apart from being able to talk to a winged horse?”
Rockette leaned her head on Estelle’s shoulder. “I don’t know what superpower you have. We’ll find out. Now we’re paired as Farleon companions, we can send thoughts to each other.” 

Super Starrella is on sale for 99c through June 18th to celebrate its shiny new cover.

Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance and Adventure – Pre-order for 99c -

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