Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Grand Master’s Trilogy – All eBooks 99c from July 1-5th

I enjoyed this story. The world building made me use my imagination and it was truly beautiful. I traveled with Violet Hunter as she completed each mission for her Grand Master, the Griffin, while trying to discover his motives for the missions. Each mission, more dangerous than the last, helped me understand the Griffin more and the dangers of greed and the ambitions of others.

Each planet, species, Grand Masters, and other characters brought a special charm to the story. There wasn't one character that I was on the fence with how they made me feel... I either loved them or hated them. The romance felt a bit rushed and took a bit to get to, but once the Griffin let Violet see him for the first time, it was lovely. I loved seeing the chemistry between Violet and the Griffin transform over time.

If you like Sci-Fi and romance, this book's for you!

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