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Friday, September 15, 2023

Book Bargain Bonanza for Fall 2023 #SciFi and #Fantasy

Bargain Bonanza: the first Books in my 4 longest series will be discounted to 99c through October 31st!


GRAND MASTER’S PAWN, Book 1 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy, Science Fantasy with psychics in space and dragons.

One young woman challenges the secret rulers of the galaxy and finds an impossible love.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, dreams of exploring exotic planets as a Grand Master’s pawn. But breaks in the teleportal network threaten countless lives, and suspicions point to the twelve Grand Masters. Violet must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. She plunges into a world of deadly intrigues and risks a perilous love. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must battle the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s stories will love this epic science fantasy series starring super psychics, dragons and a variety of aliens.

99c at my Webstore and other retailers.

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EUROPA, Book 1 in Taxyon Space, Near future Sci-Fi thriller and alien romance.

What alien creatures lurk under the icy surface of Europa?

Dr. Nikki Bell’s plan to discover intelligent life on Jupiter’s moon hits a rocky start when her spaceship crashes on the icy surface of Europa. Seconds before she blacks out, she spies a man’s face in the water beneath the ice. When she wakes on the submarine Station, nobody believes her story. Convinced the mysterious stranger saved her life, Nikki searches for him while she explores the ocean and its alien inhabitants. 

Kiron Arqin Ramis chose exile as a Watcher on a remote outpost to redeem his family’s honor. He never expected to find an attractive Earther woman close to death. He violates the prime policy by rescuing her. Despite suffering the penalty, he strives to warn her about his hostile leaders.

Nikki’s unexpected meeting with Kiron triggers a chain of disasters in Europa’s perilous oceans. Can the daredevil scientist and scarred Watcher forge a new alliance despite their people’s antagonism?   

The stories in this series are set on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, Mars, a near future Earth, and two planets in a remote star system.

99c at my Webstore and other retailers.

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Super Starrella, Book 1 of the Secret Supers series, Superpowered college students with fantastic animals.

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.

The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own.

Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle’s life is in danger, but who can she trust: handsome Mark Copper from military intelligence, or hunky Toby, the tough gangster with a motorbike? Both men have secret agendas, but falling in love is not in their plans.

Superheroes at college, quirky animal sidekicks, and a dash of romance enliven this thrilling adventure. Book 1 of the Secret Supers.

99c at my Webstore and other retailers.

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The Lady is Blue, Book 1 in Atrapako on Eden, Sci-Fi and Alien Romance.

Intrepid scientist thwarts invasion of scaly aliens.

Dr. Lucy Stannis’ quiet life on the remote colony is shattered when a crippled alien spaceship descends. She is thrilled to meet the captain, the formidable Sa Kamizan Veedak. But, the arrogant scaled Atrapako disdain the puny humans. Their plans for domination threaten the whole colony as well as her budding friendship with Sa Kamizan. Lucy must employ her skills as a covert Terran spy to discover the aliens’ secret vulnerability and save the planet.

If you like plucky heroines and mysteries where deceptions abound, then you’ll enjoy this science fiction adventure and sweet romance with a surprise twist at the end.

99c at my Webstore and other retailers.

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Captured by the Hawk, Book 1 of Second Chances in Space, Space opera and second chance romance with interstellar spies and space pirates. The books can be read in any order.

Intrepid Irish Spy Tangles with Notorious Space Pirate

Katrina Sligo leads a double life. She works undercover as Grey Kat, the interstellar thief, while she is also Mistress Trina, a welcome visitor in the Imperial court. Grey Kat is escaping with stolen codes when she is captured by notorious pirate, Captain Black Hawk, a stern man who hides his face behind a mask. In order to buy her freedom, she agrees to help him to steal one of the Emperor’s spaceships. But the heist goes terribly wrong. Soon, they are dashing across the galaxy with the Emperor’s troops in hot pursuit. The two fugitives struggle to escape and protect their secrets. Can they reconcile their differences in time to elude their enemies?

Grab your copy and dive into the comic misadventures of Grey Kat and Captain Hawk.

99c at my Webstore and other retailers.

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The two books in my new epic fantasy series, Chronicles of Oakenwald, are available in my Kickstarter campaign for the Oakenwald Duology

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

My Kickstarter Campaign for the Oakenwald Duology is live!


Join my campaign to create a special illustrated edition of the epic fantasy Oakenwald Duology.

The Oakenwald Duology includes two books in my new series: 1) Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf, and 2) Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship. 


The Special Edition of the Oakenwald Duology will have custom header images for each chapter and color illustrations of characters and scenes in the stories. 

Check for more details about the stories and Special Edition at


1.    Click on “Back this Project”

2.    Select Your Reward from the list.

3.    Click on the Green Button to Pledge

4.    You will need to log in to Kickstarter to provide payment details.

5.    Your pledged funds will be taken at the end of the campaign ONLY if it has reached the total funding goal.

6.    Wait for your reward to arrive.

Note: Kickstarter does not provide the funding to the author until about 2 weeks after the end of the campaign. The author will give updates about the fulfillment of the rewards. 

Please support my campaign by pledging at



Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Our Trip to Britain in August 2023: Part 2 Mousehole and Ancient Sites in Cornwall


During our stay in Cornwall, UK, we visited several other places after Land's End.

We hiked on steep footpaths down to the small fishing village of Mousehole, pronounced ‘Mouzelle’. The header image shows the view from the hill overlooking Mousehole.

One morning, we visited the local megaliths, the Merry Maidens stone circle. We often passed isolated megaliths and stone crosses, although we don’t know if they were standing at the original sites.


Another afternoon we walked to a hill top with a pile of rocks called Chapel Carn Brea. Five Dartmoor ponies were grazing near the rocks. I took a picture of three horses.

On the same day, we hiked across footpaths to another hill with an ancient site called Bartine Castle. Most of the stones were deep in the heather and gorse. We found a Holy well on top of the hill. Stones are placed around a well of water from a spring.

Finally, here’s a hazy view over lovely Porthcurno Beach with light yellow sand and turquoise-hued sea. Two ponies were sheltering in the rocks. The cliffs are steep here and rain was forecast, so we refrained from climbing into the crowded beach.

After our week in Cornwall, we drove to my brother’s house for more family get-togethers. People in their extended family often drop in for a meal or stay the night.  

This will probably be my last post from the UK since we’re flying back to Atlanta in a couple of days. 

If you missed Part 2, look here –


Friday, August 18, 2023

Our Trip to Britain in August 2023: Part 2 Land’s End, Cornwall


After our niece’s wedding, we spent a week in Cornwall. We stayed in a converted barn on a small farm near the tiny village of Kerris. On our first trip, we went to see Land’s End, the southernmost tip of England. The top photo shows a cove by the promontory of Lands End.

We parked at Sennen village and hiked along the coastal footpath to Land’s End (it’s less crowded and parking is cheaper!).

View of Sennen Beach

The coastal paths have wonderful views of the cliffs and sea. The hills are covered in purple heather and yellow gorse flowers.

Here’s a closeup of pretty heather flowers.

Land’s End has several cafes, restaurants, and tourist shops. It also houses a noteworthy relic, the First and Last Post Box.


The rocky seashore includes fascinating natural phenomena like this rock arch in the cliff adjacent to Land’s End.

If you missed Part 1, look here -

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Our Trip to Britain in August 2023: Part 1 Bristol and Lee, Devon


This summer, we traveled in Southwest Britain during most of August. We stayed with my brother for the first few days and he took us on several hikes through the woods near Bristol.

His house is close to farmland. We walked around fields of corn. One local farm keeps horses as shown in the top picture of a mare and her foal.

I love the pretty wildflowers blooming in the woods and along the hedgerows. These Harebells or Scottish Bluebells are among my favorite wildflowers.

In the next stage, we drove to Devon for our niece’s wedding. The ceremony and reception were in different sites near Ilfracombe. I took a few pictures near the reception in the small coastal village of Lee. The local church of St Matthew, and village houses are typical of rural England.

The village ends at Lee Bay, a cove with a stony beach overlooking the Severn Estuary.

If you take a vacation in England, make sure you visit the rural regions and admire the picturesque villages with thatched cottages and flower gardens. You can also hike on many footpaths throughout the countryside.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

GRAND MASTER'S TRILOGY - My 99c Book Bargain for August #sciencefantasy #scifi



Science fantasy adventure and romance.

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s stories will love this series. If you favor epic adventures in space with super psychics, dragons, and a sprinkle of humor, read the Grand Master’s Trilogy!

Only 99c at all retailers:


Threat: Supreme rulers of the galaxy, beware of this young woman. She is fated to destroy you.

Romance: Can she convert a domineering, untouchable man of great power into a devoted lover?

Villain: Can an insignificant empath defeat the evil Red Queen?

Teleport across the galaxy in this thrilling Sci-Fi adventure and romance.



One young woman challenges the secret rulers of the galaxy and finds an impossible love.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, dreams of exploring exotic planets as a Grand Master’s pawn. But breaks in the teleportal network threaten countless lives, and suspicions point to the twelve Grand Masters. Violet must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. She plunges into a world of deadly intrigues and risks a perilous love. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must battle the most powerful beings in the galaxy.


Psychically linked lovers fight the powerful Grand Masters dominating the galaxy.

The rebellious Grand Master, Athanor Griffin, devises a risky plan to uncover the culprits responsible for the life-threatening failures in the galactic portal web. His loyal pawn and lover, empath Violet Hunter, is the key to success as they contend with their enemies. But, she wrestles with her erratic psychic talents and doubts about their unequal partnership. She must surmount her insecurities to overcome the nightmares ahead.



Young empath, Violet Hunter, and her crafty Grand Master, Athanor Griffin, tackle the villains threatening civilization.

Their worst enemy rampages across the galaxy, while blocked portals prevent normal interplanetary communications. Compounding their problems, half the Grand Masters on the Council vow to eliminate Violet. She and Athanor embark on a hazardous quest for a weapon hidden by the ancient psychic masters. But, the weapon proves elusive, dangers lurk in the ancient sites, and new alliances forged with bizarre entities may not suffice to foil their enemies.

Events swirl in unforeseen twists in the thrilling conclusion of the Grand Master’s Trilogy.




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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Kickstarter Explained: Introduction for Anyone Interested in Backing a Project



Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. A home for film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more (see

Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.

Kickstarter is a great place to test the concept of your project.

Kickstarter has a 39.11% global success rate.

(Text and facts taken from the Kickstarter site.)



You can pledge your support for a new project by backing the campaign.


My first campaign was successful, enabling me to create a Special Illustrated Edition of Super Starrella.

You can get the illustrated ebook at my webstore: HERE.

You can follow my new campaign to create a Special Illustrated Edition of the Oakenwald Duology: two epic fantasy books in one volume with custom interior art.

One brave witch on a quest to find peace. One valiant elf with a gentle heart. Two books. One epic fantasy adventure.

Follow my campaign at

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Seeking Adventure and Magic? Look no further.


Support my Kickstarter campaign and delve into an epic fantasy story imbued with the grit and whimsy of an old folktale. Lose yourself in the captivating tale of a resourceful witch's quest for peace and a courageous elf with an unexpected heart.

When an army of cruel soldiers plunders her small village, Bridget flees into the woods. With no home and no family, she risks the perilous journey to find shelter in Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. Armed with a bag of charmed buttons and a handful of spells, she treks through the wilderness, encounters evil creatures from the worst folktales, and meets the elf, Windswift.

But the peaceful realm of Oakenwald is threatened by a new danger. Ships carrying ruthless invaders have entered the southern port, and Bridget and Windswift are recruited to investigate. Their scouting team comprises elves, humans, a troll, and messenger birds. The perils increase as they travel farther from the elf queen’s domain. Will Windswift’s sword and Bridget’s handful of spells be sufficient to defeat the invaders? Can they return to the safety of the guarded land?   

Join my Kickstarter campaign now and be part of this thrilling adventure! Help me to create a Special Illustrated Edition of the Oakenwald Duology. Two epic fantasy stories in one gorgeous volume!

My campaign is due to launch in September. I'll post more details over the next few weeks. 

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Mid-year Report on my Writing and Publishing Progress


In the past six months, I published one SciFi novel and ran a Kickstarter campaign for a special edition of my superhero story.



In March, I published Karrik, Book 6 in Taxyon Space, near-future Sci-Fi adventure and romance.


The fates of six people are at stake.

Karrik Kenton Tallis, Third of the Flaming Comets, endures a miserable existence in a hospice on his home planet. Unable to walk or speak more than a single word, he misses his older brothers and is unaware of their sacrifice to ensure his care. He cherishes a faint hope of recovering his health.

Karrik’s life improves when his brothers return to Rishalt with their human companions. Alarik, First of the Triad, is escorting Phoebe Wong with her brother and a mysterious alien object for an audience with Prime Jadel. The middle brother, Baswin, is traveling home with Holly and Rosie Moon. The Moon sisters are enrolled in an experimental program to train human psychics to navigate in hyperspace and relieve Earth’s governments of their onerous reliance on Warrish tripilots. Rosie, a psychic healer, desires to help Karrik despite the conflict with her duty to humanity.

But the water world of Rishalt holds many hazards, both above and beneath the waves. Can the alien treasure help the three brothers to conquer the challenges and unite with their chosen partners? Read the scintillating story of the Flaming Comet brothers to learn the answers. 

Buy Links at



In May, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to create a Special Illustrated Edition of Super Starrella. The campaign reached the funding goal, enabling me to make the special edition in eBook, Paperback and Hardback formats. Each format includes a special chapter image and 7 color illustrations of characters or scenes from the story. This Special Illustrated Edition of Super Starrella will only be available through my WebStore. 

Here is a photo of the full-cover hardback of the Special Edition. 



All my books are available in paperback. Check individual titles on my Catalogue.



More than half of my stories are available as Audiobooks.

(See my Catalogue)


Direct Bookstore.

My books are available at a discount in my virtual store (


I invite you to join me on Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube,  Instagram  or TikTok


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Bargain Book: 99c for Epic Fantasy Romance - Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf


Discounted to 99c from June 20-July 9: Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf

Fantasy quest and romance. A young witch escapes the destruction of her home and seeks the fabled land where elves and humans live in peace.

In a land threatened by cruel invaders from the east, Bridget Bramble lives in a small village where she barters herbs and carved buttons. When marauders target her village and murder her family, she flees into the woods. Armed with her Granny’s advice and a bag of magic buttons, she sets out on the perilous journey to Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. As she travels farther from home, she encounters malicious creatures from the worst kind of folktale.

Lost in the foothills of the mountains, Bridget meets the elf, Windswift the Wanderer. He offers to guide her across the mountain range. But what is the elf doing in human lands? Can an ordinary, or almost ordinary, human girl trust a cold hearted elf to lead her to safety? 

Epic fantasy adventure and romance with darker overtones. This story weaves elements of folklore and a quest for a safe haven in a land where magic is real and dangerous.  

99c for eBook at

Friday, June 2, 2023

Bargain eBook for June - 99c for A Tale of Two Colonies #scifi


Fight for freedom. Fight to survive - For refugees from an overcrowded Earth, dreams of a better life on an alien planet transform into a terrifying battle for survival.

Nothing will stand in the way of Tiger Lily's dream of escaping the subterranean slums of Terra and visiting the stars. She enters the fierce competition for a place in the scout team on the next spaceship to the remote planet of Delta, where an earlier colony disappeared. Before the ship departs, a mysterious message suggests the descendants of the first colonists may be alive.

A risky mission to seek the lost colony exposes the scouts to unexpected attacks, and they encounter a grim warrior in the isolated valley. Has Tiger Lily met her match in the tortured man? Is he leading them to safety or further danger? And who are the real rulers of this strange world?

Do you enjoy exciting adventures with alien encounters? Do you like your science fiction with a dash of romance? Then, A Tale of Two Colonies is your cup of tea.

99c at all retailers