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The year 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of my foray into publishing novels. I published my SciFi novels: The Lady is Blue, Dragons of Vkani, A Tale of Two Colonies, and Captured by the Hawk in 2014. Also, I published my young adult fantasy novella, Rosemary’s Quest, although with a different title. This prolific output was because I had written The Lady is Blue, Rosemary’s Quest, and parts of A Tale of Two Colonies some years earlier. Later in the year, I hope to celebrate my tenth anniversary as an author by making a special edition of at least one of these stories.


This year, we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. In honor of the Year of the Dragon, I am planning a Kickstarter campaign to create an Art Book, Whimsical Creatures, with images of mythical animals and short poems or pithy messages. The book cover(s) will feature dragons. Other images will have unicorns, anthropomorphic cats and dogs, fairies, merfolk etc.

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1. I will continue work on the third book in my new epic fantasy series, the Oakenwald Chronicles. For the fourth book in this series, I plan to revamp a different unpublished story.

2. Next, I have some ideas for novella-length stories in my SciFi/Space Opera series, Second Chances in Space.

3. I will continue making beautiful books with illustrations of my stories. AI-art plus photo-editing can provide fantastic images of characters, scenes, and simply pretty art. You can see examples at WhimsicalArt. Two of my special illustrated books (Super Starrella and the Oakenwald Chronicles) were published in 2023 as a result of successful Kickstarter campaigns. 



All my stories are available at a discount from my virtual store



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