Saturday, December 8, 2018

A trio of luma - snippet from JUPITER for #WeWriWa #SciFi

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I’m back after Thanksgiving to run another snippet from Jupiter, Book 3 in Taxyon Space. Nikki is recording the marine life when Kiron gets a message from their hostess, Sora.

I’ve skipped again to the scene where an attendant is taking Nikki and Kiron to their audience with Tol-Jadel.
Excuse my minor misuse of punctuation to fit.

A trio of luma, otter-like animals with sleek gray fur and flat scaled tails, scampered out of the natatorium and ran to rub their flanks against Nikki’s bare ankles. Like all Rishalt’s vertebrate animals, they were truly amphibious with gills as well as lungs. The three luma sniffed at Kiron, and the largest one rose on its hind legs to paw at his hand.
He smiled and scratched the fur behind its small ears.
“I think they like you,” Nikki whispered.
The attendant opened the gates and beckoned, “Enter. Supreme Tol-Jadel awaits you in her garden.” Bright light flooded the exit, and a warm breeze wafted a fragrant medley of flowers and herbs into the cool interior space.
The luma circled around their feet, herding them in the correct direction.
As they walked toward the light, Kiron grasped her hand again. Stepping through the gates, Nikki blinked, half blinded by the sunlight.


A simple hop across hyperspace turns deadly, crushing hopes for a human-Warrish alliance
Nikki and Kiron Ramis Bell are studying the marine life of Rishalt when they are summoned for an audience with the Prime. Tol-Jadel sets them the task of investigating a hyperspace perturbation near Jupiter. They must return to the oceans of Europa and prevent this anomaly from severing the hyperroutes between Earth and Rishalt. But, tensions are rising between Warrish Watchers and the humans on Galileo Station, and Earth’s governments are squabbling over the proposed alliance with the aliens. Can Nikki and Kiron erase the obstacle before their home planets are separated forever?

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You can learn how the couple met in Book 1, EUROPA.
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