Saturday, December 22, 2018

Prime Jadel - Snippet from JUPITER for #WeWriWa #SciFi with alien mermen

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I’m back after a week’s vacation on the Gulf Shores to run another snippet from Jupiter, Book 3 in Taxyon Space. Nikki and Kiron have been summoned by Prime Jadel.

I’ve skipped a few lines to where Nikki and Kiron meet Jadel.
Please excuse slightly modified punctuation.
The Prime perched on the low wall around the pond. She wore a dress of lilac satin embroidered with silver spirals and a tight bodice laced over her two pairs of breasts. Her flawless, green complexion had an unearthly beauty, emphasized by the triangle of three diamonds embedded on her right cheek; a mesh cap of pearls bound in silver spirals crowned her bald head. Her gaze was inscrutable.
Immediately, Kiron knelt and bent his head to touch the floor in the traditional obeisance; he murmured, “Gracious Prime, your humble servant, Kiron Ramis Bell.”
In Nikki’s opinion, he performed the ritual with unnecessary enthusiasm; lagging by a reluctant half-minute, she prostrated herself in a similar fashion, and quickly raised her head to intone the greeting. In Warrish perspective, she was an inferior human, an alien Earther, yet she refused to give total obedience to the Primes. Perhaps Kiron owed a greater debt to Tol-Jadel; the Prime had released him from his family obligations in a manner that retained his honor and even endowed him with higher status by her silver mark on his cheek.
In a voice as musical as a songbird’s warble, Jadel trilled, “Ramis Bell Duad, prompt to my command and favored by my luma.” She pointed at a stack of cushions tucked under the arching fern fronds; “Sit before me.”


A simple hop across hyperspace turns deadly, crushing hopes for a human-Warrish alliance
Nikki and Kiron Ramis Bell are studying the marine life of Rishalt when they are summoned for an audience with the Prime. Tol-Jadel sets them the task of investigating a hyperspace perturbation near Jupiter. They must return to the oceans of Europa and prevent this anomaly from severing the hyperroutes between Earth and Rishalt. But, tensions are rising between Warrish Watchers and the humans on Galileo Station, and Earth’s governments are squabbling over the proposed alliance with the aliens. Can Nikki and Kiron erase the obstacle before their home planets are separated forever?

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You can learn how the couple met in Book 1, EUROPA.
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  1. An intriguing description of their meeting.

    1. Yes. More suspense while they wait for Jadel's orders.

  2. Well good for Nikki, I say! LOVE the descriptions as always - her clothes are fantastic. Enjoyed the snippet...

  3. Vivid descriptions, and they are probably screaming in suspense wondering what she wants with them!

    1. Of course, but I like to set the scene first. I suspect Jadel enjoys creating the suspense.

  4. Two pairs of breasts? You have literally gone Total Recall one better!

  5. Wow, she seems very intimidating. I wonder what she'll have to say?

  6. You describe her so well, and the ritual greeting, too. I love how Nikki shows respect for Prime yet doesn't give up her individuality. This story is so fascinating. Happy Holidays, Aurora.

  7. What an imperious command. I love how you set these scenes, Aurora. So many layers. Have a wonderful holiday!!

    1. Imperious indeed. Thanks and enjoy your holidays!