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Review of my Progress in 2018 #amwriting #SciFi

 My Books

Review of My Writing Accomplishments in 2018

Books Written and Published

Taxyon Space, Books 2 and 3
Near future SciFi adventure & alien romance. Daredevil scientist and abused Watcher in perilous alliance.


Two alien worlds. Two lovers torn apart. Twist the hyperthreads into unity.
Kiron Arqin Ramis is summoned home by his family to the unwanted honor of a new triad and union with a high-ranked female. Unable to forget Nikki, he endures a perilous exile on a wilderness planet instead of complying with his family’s demands. But, the Triarchs have other plans for him.
Stakes are higher than the lives of two individuals. Earth leaders are desperate to acquire the alien interstellar technology, while Warrish dispute the benefit of an alliance with inferiors. Can Nikki and Kiron pierce the barriers separating them to find happiness with provoking an unequal war?


A simple hop across hyperspace turns deadly, smashing hopes for a human-Warrish alliance
Nikki and Kiron Ramis Bell, the unique Warrish-human duad, are studying the marine life of Rishalt when they are summoned for an audience with the Prime. Tol-Jadel sets them the task of investigating a perturbation in hyperspace near Jupiter. They must return to the oceans of Europa and stop this anomaly from severing the hyperroute between Earth and Rishalt. But, tensions are rising between Warrish Watchers and the humans on Galileo Station, and Earth’s governments are squabbling over the proposed alliance with the aliens. Can Nikki and Kiron erase the obstacle before their home planets are separated forever?

Jupiter, Book 3  Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  GooglePlay

Also, I published a Box set of Books 1 & 2 (Europa and Rishalt)


COSMIC WARS, Book 5 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy.
SciFi Fantasy Adventure - Teleport from planet to planet as the Griffins pursue their enemies across the galaxy and beyond.
Join psychic superstars, Violet and Athanor Griffin, on this epic adventure, meet aliens of all stripes, and of course, the fabulous dragons of Sythos.
Violet and Athanor Griffin reunite with their baby son after escaping from the world beyond the fiery Cosmic Rift, but they find no respite from troubles. The Grand Masters have declared Athanor dead, and are competing to replace him as Chair of the Counsel. Hordes of bloodsucking Ixioth slavers threaten galactic civilization, and a new enemy has emerged from the alternate universe, an enemy immune to psychic forces. The dynamic couple is soon swamped with pleas for help. Athanor’s vow to crush the insectoid Ixioths and expel the Nulls hits a major obstacle. Their enemies are using the teleportal web to strike and escape to unknown locations, somewhere in the galaxy. Violet has a different perilous challenge. Her promise to rescue the children captured on Cinerea means she must brave the dreadful Rift and lose her psychic powers. Can the Griffins reconcile their divergent promises, or must they separate for the tasks of rescuing the prisoners and defeating the slavers?

These three novels bring my total output to 14 novel-length books from 2014-2018.

Strategic Goals
1.  Published my two-book series, Atrapako on Eden, at non-Amazon retailers.
SciFi Romance. Feisty scientist solves puzzle of scaly aliens on isolated planet of Eden.
The Lady is Blue, Book 1 - Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  GooglePlay  PRINT
Dragons of Vkani, Book 2 - Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  GooglePlay  PRINT

2. Published my three-book series, Secret Supers, at non-Amazon retailers.
Fantasy adventure & romance. Superheroes with quirky animal sidekicks tackle murderous villains in three thrilling adventures with a dash of romance.
Secret Supers, Boxset of Books 1-3  Amazon  iBooks  B&N  Kobo  GooglePlay

3. Apply for BookBub deals. Success!
My Secret Supers Box set of Books 1-3 had an international 99c Featured Deal in June. I sold more than 1000 copies.
Europa, Book 1 in Taxyon Space, had an international 99c Featured Deal in November, and sold ~400 copies, plus dozens of book 2.
Both books became International Bestsellers at Amazon

4. My cross-promotions with other authors continue to be successful. 

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