Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Report on my Writing and Art for 2023


In 2023, I published a SciFi novel, an epic fantasy story, and ran two Kickstarter campaigns for special illustrated hardback editions of two books. Also, I created and polished digital art images for print-on-demand.



I published two novels in different genres and series.

In March, I published Karrik, Book 6 in Taxyon Space, near-future Sci-Fi adventure and romance. 

The fates of six people are at stake. 

Karrik Kenton Tallis, Third of the Flaming Comets, endures a miserable existence in a hospice on his home planet. Unable to walk or speak more than a single word, he misses his older brothers and is unaware of their sacrifice to ensure his care. He cherishes a faint hope of recovering his health.

Karrik’s life improves when his brothers return to Rishalt with their human companions. Alarik, First of the Triad, is escorting Phoebe Wong with her brother and a mysterious alien object for an audience with Prime Jadel. The middle brother, Baswin, is traveling home with Holly and Rosie Moon. The Moon sisters are enrolled in an experimental program to train human psychics to navigate in hyperspace and relieve Earth’s governments of their onerous reliance on Warrish tripilots. Rosie, a psychic healer, desires to help Karrik despite the conflict with her duty to humanity.

But the water world of Rishalt holds many hazards, both above and beneath the waves. Can the alien treasure help the three brothers to conquer the challenges and unite with their chosen partners? Read the scintillating story of the Flaming Comet brothers to learn the answers.



Early in December, I published Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship. This book is the sequel to Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf and establishes my new epic fantasy series, Oakenwald Chronicles

 Step into the fabulous realm of Oakenwald with Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship!

Bridget Bramble hopes to make a home with the elf, Windswift, in the peaceful land of Oakenwald. But, her hopes for a peaceful life are crushed when news arrives of a fleet of enemy ships threatening the southern shores. The enemy’s pincers are closing about the enchanted land. Once a humble herbwife and button maker, Bridget and her elf partner are recruited into a perilous mission to scout the roads to the southern port. The perils increase as they travel farther from the elf queen’s domain. Will Bridget’s handful of spells and Windswift’s keen sword be sufficient to defeat the invaders and ensure the safety of the warded land?




This year, I ventured into Kickstarter and ran two low-key, yet successful campaigns for illustrated hardbacks of different books. My third campaign is at the pre-launch stage.   

1) In May, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to create a Special Illustrated Edition of Super Starrella. The campaign reached the funding goal, enabling me to make the special edition in eBook, Paperback and Hardback formats. Each format includes a special chapter image and 7 color illustrations of characters or scenes from the story. This Special Illustrated Edition of Super Starrella is only available in my WebStore at https://payhip.com/b/Bnh4g.


2)   In September and October, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to create a Special Illustrated Edition of the Oakenwald Duology. The Oakenwald Duology comprises the first two books in my new epic fantasy series, the Oakenwald Chronicles (Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship and Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf). The special edition includes custom chapter headers and 21 color illustrations of characters or scenes from the story. The Special Illustrated Oakenwald Duology is only available in my WebStore at https://payhip.com/b/cYhDJ.


3)   My next Kickstart campaign is in pre-launch. I propose to create an Art Book with 100 pictures of Whimsical Creatures. If you love dragons, unicorns, and fairies, follow my project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/auroraspringer/whimsical-creatures-an-art-book-of-fantastic-animals  

    To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, I plan to launch the campaign in the middle of January and run through February.


Find Aurora’s Whimsical Art at her Fine Art Store: https://www.playfulgallery.com/digital-art

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