Sunday, June 12, 2016

Enter the Sizzling Summer Reads #Giveaways to Win my #Superhero Adventure & #Romance

Sizzling Sumer Reads runs June 1 to 30th with Grand Prize of $100 and 100’s of other prizes.

My book, Super Starrella, will be highlighted on June 12th

Read this Excerpt for a Hint to Starrella’s Favorite Animal
“Come and meet your animal companion.” Beckoning for Estelle to follow, Dr. Netta walked out of the room and along a white-walled hallway to another door. Opening the door, the severe woman ushered Estelle into a long greenhouse with a domed roof. She pointed at the far end. “Go through the door. Your mare is waiting at the back of the garden.”
Beyond the door, the brick path continued into a sunlit garden under a blue sky with white puffs of clouds. A thick hedge of tall bushes enclosed formal lawns edged in box and flower beds blooming in bright colors. At the end of the path, she glimpsed the white coat of her mare half hidden behind the rose bushes.
The small horse tossed her head and pranced towards Estelle. Her eyes were bright, her mane rippled free of tangles, and her coat glistened in the sunlight. Huge feathered wings were folded along the mare’s flanks. Brown feathers sprinkled among the white matched the tawny dapples on the mare’s hindquarters.
Reaching out to stroke the mare’s soft nose, Estelle breathed, “Spotty, you’ve grown wings. Beautiful wings!”
Spotty. That’s a stupid name for a winged horse!” The mare snorted, exposing her blocky teeth.   
Astounded by the mare’s caustic complaint, Estelle asked, “What do you want to be called? Pegasus?”  
Pegasus is a stallion, not a mare. I’m Rockette Farleon.” The mare tossed her head, swinging her long, blonde mane.
Suddenly realizing the mare had spoken inside her head, Estelle cried, “All right, Rockette. You can speak in my mind and you’ve grown wings. What’s going on in this weird Veterinary Clinic? Do you know?”
The mare’s soft nose poked Estelle’s chest. “The explosion at the army base induced our superpowers. I can fly!” Feathers brushed Estelle’s hand as Rockette stretched her wings to their full extent.
“Superpowers?” Estelle blurted indignantly. “What superpower do I have, apart from being able to talk to a winged horse?”
Rockette leaned her head on Estelle’s shoulder. “I don’t know what superpower you have. We’ll find out. Now we’re paired as Farleon companions, we can send thoughts to each other.” 

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