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Super Starrella for SRFB Showcase #Superhero #Romance

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Super Starrella: College students, spunky supergirl, hunky hero, snarky flying horse, aliens! What more do you want? Gritty realism interleaved with comic flights of fancy and a cute romance.

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.
The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own.
Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle’s life is in danger, but who can she trust: handsome Captain Copper from military intelligence, or hunky Toby, the tough gangster with a motorbike? Both men have secret agendas, but falling in love is not in their plans.
Young adult superheroes, quirky animal sidekicks, and a dash of romance enliven this thrilling adventure. Book 1 of the Secret Supers.

 Super Starrella

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McTartan’s was a popular hangout for the students and the place was full. Toby pushed past the people waiting to be served at the bar. Several of them sent nervous glances at his surly face and tattooed arms and shifted aside to let him through. He found two seats in a booth at the back, away from the noisy crowd at the bar, and they sat on opposite sides of the wooden table.
“What’ll you drink?” he drawled.
Estelle looked around. Toby had chosen a good spot for their conversation. The partitions on the sides of the booth gave them privacy. Toby sat facing the door, alert for any trouble. His eyes moved to check each person entering the pub.
“I’ll have a coke. Don’t want you to be hassled because I’m under the legal age for alcohol.”
“Worried the bad gangster will corrupt you?” he teased, leaning forward with his arms crossed and his elbows on the table.
Leaving him in suspense, she scanned his face. His heavy brows and the brooding curl of his mouth combined with his muscular build and tattoos gave the impression of an ugly customer. Close up, she noticed the tiny gold flecks in his dark brown eyes. Despite his reputation as a tough gangster, he had been gentle with her. “No,” she said. “I think you’re sweet.”
His eyes widened and he leaned back. His voice was sharp with surprise. “You’re the first person ever to call me sweet!”
Happy to have scored a hit, Estelle grinned at him.
“Better get the drinks.” He swaggered to the bar, shouldering past the other customers. They stepped aside, wary of his sturdy build and swarthy brows. A few minutes later, Toby strolled back to the table, carrying two glasses of dark liquid. He resumed his seat at the back of the booth, leaning his elbows on the table and watching the door.
“Okay, Toby, are you going to tell me the truth?” Estelle asked, leaning over the table towards him.
He cocked an eyebrow and drawled, “Where can I start?”
“The superpowers and the mantis fights,” she suggested eagerly.
His eyes flicked to the door and he said, “Your army pal walked in. Think he’s looking for you?”
Automatically, she glanced round and saw Mark Copper standing at the bar. He was looking at the rows of bottles on the shelves, presumably selecting his drink.
His hand covering his mouth, Toby muttered, “Don’t stare. Pretend you don’t see him. We don’t want him listening to our conversation or trying to join us.”
Copying Toby’s caution in hiding her lips behind her fingers, Estelle whispered, “He’s watching. He can see us reflected in the mirror behind the bar.”
Toby growled, “Did he follow you here?”
“He might have. Mark was at my evening class.” Shivering at the idea of being stalked through the streets, she grabbed Toby’s hand and asked, “Why would he follow me? Is he suspicious?”
 “What’s wrong with us meeting in a pub?” Toby assumed his surly frown. He patted the space next to him on the bench. “Come here, babe.” She slipped onto the seat beside him and his arm slid around her shoulders. She gazed at him, her lips parted in a question. Leaning over, he kissed her firmly, sending warm flushes down her body. His lips traveled across her cheek, and his breath tickled her ear as he whispered, “Let him think this is why we met. Say something casual to fool him.”
He released her and gazed into her eyes.
Playing along, she gushed, “Oh, Toby, I didn’t know you felt like that about me.” She brushed her fingers over the cat tattoo on his firm biceps and noted the silky feel of the invisible nanofabric. In the depths of his eyes, she glimpsed a stir of hopeful longing. Was he yearning for her or something very different?
He stiffened and blinked. Then, his face broke into his rare charming smile and he pulled her close again. “Can’t resist a pretty girl.”
Despite his tempting drawl, she hissed, “Joke’s over! What’s going on?”

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  1. A flying horse with a snarky attitude? Awesomesauce!

    1. Didn't you like the hunky hero with a bunch of secrets?

  2. Fun scene, so much going on, both on the surface and underneath!