Sunday, October 29, 2017

Results of Reader Survey of Preferred eBook formats #IndieAuthor

Results of Reader Poll on eBook Formats

I ran a poll for my newsletter subscribers to determine where to publish my new book, Europa. People could answer by replying to my email or on my Facebook page. 

Request for your input on where to publish my latest story

EUROPA, Taxyon Space, book 1 - SciFi Thriller & Romance
Daredevil scientist & scarred alien meet in perilous seas.
Pre-order for only 99c


My questions:
Where would you read this story?
A. ePub reader (kobo, ibooks, nook).
B. mobi for kindle (Amazon).
C. kindle unlimited (Amazon).
D. Print (paperback).

Poll in October based on my new SciFi Thriller and Romance novel
Reader preferences are listed as percentages.
Mobi  54%
Mobi or epub  9%
Only ePub  20%
Only Kindle Unlimited  9%
Print only  4%

Only 9 % of readers use kindle unlimited exclusively, while 20-29 % buy ePubs. 

Since twice as many readers preferred ePub to kindle unlimited, I will publish Europa in this format as well as mobi.

August Survey
Two months ago, I ran a more general survey of where my subscribers buy ebooks and what genres they read. Note, this survey did not mention my books unlike the October poll.
About 100 people answered my survey.

Summary of results of general survey in August
Amazon (92), Kobo (11), nook (9), ibooks (10), GooglePlay (6), KU (18),
Amazon 92%
Mobi or epub 24%
Only KU 14%
ePub only 5%

In this case, 14-18% of readers use kindle unlimited compared to 5-24% for ePub books. 


  1. Interesting poll and I'm not surprised. Amazon has the market for authors it seems. Esp. Indie authors.

    1. Yes, although my subscribers may be a biased sample.