Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sample my #Sci-Fi Series in this Special Boxset


Venture into four different worlds in these full-length Sci-Fi stories. Meet superheroes on contemporary Earth, discover alien life in the oceans of Europa, and explore the fringes of the galaxy in an epic myth-inspired series.

This Collection contains:

Grand Master’s Pawn, Book 1 of Grand Masters’ Galaxy - One young woman challenges the secret rulers of the galaxy and finds an impossible love.

EUROPA, Book 1 of Taxyon Space - Daredevil scientist and scarred alien forge a perilous alliance in the oceans of Jupiter’s moon.

Super Starrella, Book 1 of Secret Supers - Young superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.

The Lady is Blue, Book 1 of Atrapako on Eden - Intrepid scientist discovers secret of scaly aliens. 

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