Friday, January 14, 2022

Chewacla State Park, Alabama - Our Camping Travels


On the first stage of our January vacation, we spent two nights in a camp site at Chewacla State Park in Alabama. Not many other people were in the park due to the winter season. It was cold overnight, not much above freezing, but warmed up in the afternoon. This state park has several playgrounds, picnic tables and a swimming area that must be good fun for kids in the warmer weather. The campsites are spacious and fairly private since half of them are unoccupied.


The trails loop through the woods and run along the creek. Most of the trails are for dirt bikes with humped bridges, although we saw only a couple of bikers.

We walked beside Moore’s Mill Creek for about a mile. There must have been a working mill in the past.

In my opinion, Chewacla is a lovely park with a great campground and plenty of outdoor activities for families. It was quiet when we visited in the winter, but is probably livelier in the warmer seasons.  


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