Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Domina's consort- #excerpt from Cobra for #WeWriWa and #SnippetSunday


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I’ve been posting from my latest novel, Stung by the Cobra. It’s a scifi/fantasy adventure and romance with sprinkle of Hindu mythology.

My excerpt last week had a cobra and an omen. Several people expressed their dislike of snakes. Sorry! Animals actually play key roles in this story.

You can read it here:

This week, I’ll skip to the next chapter where Zennia is at the library searching for more information about the Domina’s consort, the moody man she met on the tower.

Zennia opened the local records and scanned for any mention of her target. Nagari was identified as the Domina’s consort and a resident of the palace. Nothing more. Evidently he had kept out of the public eye in the few days since their arrival.

In contrast, Allia’s exploits were frequently noted. The members of her coterie were named, along with lists of activities she had prohibited and the names of the local citizens she had imprisoned or condemned to death. The four dead men on the archway were only the latest in a string of executions. 

Zennia vented a groan of disgust. Allia’s vindictive punishments were typical of the worse members of the imperial brood.

Nine lines and a few more:

She found better records for Nagari’s history in the public repository. He had been Allia’s consort for little more than a year. She pulled up an image of him recorded two years ago after one of his victories. He wore his military uniform and stood as aloof and straight-backed as if he were on parade. Yet, he looked like the younger and handsomer brother of the man she had met on the tower. In spite of his stern expression, his face was not gaunt and his eyes were calm and free of shadows.

Shocked at his decline, she resolved to help him as much as she could. 

SciFi mystery. Interstellar spy befriends enemy commander in a tragic tale with a happy ending.

Shan Zennia, Senior Curator of the Archives of Galactic Culture on Lumos, plays a dangerous double role as a researcher and a spy for Solarian Intelligence. She embarks on a new mission to observe the spring festival on Harappi, a planet recently conquered by the ambitious Emperor and now governed by his niece, Domina Allia.

Zennia finds peculiar myths and mysteries on the planet, including the enigmatic Nagari. Once a victorious commander in the Emperor’s space fleet and nicknamed the Cobra, he was forced to abandon his military career when Allia claimed him as her consort. Her abusive treatment has driven him to the brink of madness.

Intrigued by the ex-commander and aware of his value as a source of information on the enemy, Zennia agrees to meet him during the festival of rebirth. Opposing forces clash at the height of the celebrations, catalyzing deadly violence. Can Nagari and Zennia survive the chaos and win a new and happier life?

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  1. Oh, so I assume they're somehow connected. Intriguing snippet :-)

    1. Thanks. Zennia still doesn't know that Nagari was called the Cobra.

  2. Good luck with that! Sounds like she's a real monster. Things are getting more tense . . .

  3. Interesting developments here. Enjoyed the snippet!

    1. Some, like the corpses on the arch, were described in earlier scenes. It's fun depicting villains.

  4. She's taken a toll on him for sure.

  5. This snippet says so much in so few words. Nicely done! :-)

  6. Tension mounts as she learns more about him. What has that monster done to him?

    1. Well - he was thinking of jumping off the tower. She appears in the next chapter.

  7. I hope she can save him. He needs it.

    1. Exactly. He's one of the enemy, but he might be useful for her cause. Or that's her rationale.

  8. Allia is a monster! She doesn't deserve a decent man as her consort.