Saturday, May 13, 2023

I don't want a war! - excerpt from Bridget Bramble for #WeWriWa and #SnippetSunday


Happy Mother's Day! 

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My excerpt continues from last week in the first chapter of the sequel to my fantasy romance Bridget Bramble and the Wandering Elf. In the opening scene, the young witch, Bridget Bramble, is carving charmed buttons under the fond gaze of her new elf husband, Vancele Windswift.

I have not completed the story and this excerpt will need editing. I’d appreciate your comments. 

You can read last week’s excerpt here:

The last sentence was: He answered her unspoken question, “’Tis the summons to the Queen’s Council.”

“A council of war,” she grumbled. “Hen’s teeth, the councilors will be yattering for the rest of the day and I’ve only made five buttons. Why don’t you go without me? I won’t be much help.”

“Indeed, your skills will be valuable.” His long silver-blond hair swayed as he leaned forward to caress the back of her hand. “Your buttons can wait. Put away your tools, dear wife. Marshall Emrys invited both of us to attend the war council.”

She retorted, “Your uncle made the invitation sound like an order.”

Ten sentences and a little more.

Memories swirled through her mind of the assault on her village. The cruel raiders had killed her brother and his wife. They had plundered the cottages and dragged away her neighbors. She choked back a sob and blurted out the true reason for her reluctance to attend the council, “Oh Van, I don’t want a war.”

He wrapped his arms around her. “None of us wish for war. That is why the Queen is holding a council meeting. She wishes to discuss what we can do to avert war with Emperor Raglan.” 

She wrinkled her nose and sighed, “Then, I must go to the council whether I can help or not.”

“Aye. You must attend.”

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  1. Well done. And she's well motivated now!

    1. Yes. Bridget has learned to overcome her fears.

  2. I like their conversation and mutual respect. I hope she'll be able to convey her dislike for war if she attends the meeting.

    1. They are a devoted couple, but the strength of their devotion will be tested at the council.