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Who is Aurora Springer?

  •          I am an independently published author of science fiction and fantasy stories where characters fall in love, persevere and overcome obstacles to achieve a happy ending.
  •          I am a real scientist with a doctorate in molecular biophysics and a life-long interest in astronomy.
  •         I have imagined adventures in other worlds far as long as I can remember.

My Stories
Series and Full-length Novels
  •         The Grand Masters’ Galaxy: super psychics in space, adventures on many planets, and romance. (4 books and a short prequel story, to date).
  •          The Secret Supers: college-age superheroes, quirky animal sidekicks, mystery and romance. (3 books to date). 
  •         Atrapako on Eden: science fiction adventure series starring humans and scaled humanoids. (2 books to date). 
  •         Taxyon Space: science fiction thriller series with humans, alien mermen, and more. (2 books to date). 
  •          A Tale of Two Colonies: science fiction with aliens on a colony planet.

  •          Captured by the Hawk: science fiction and romance
  •          Rosemary’s Quest: Coming-of-age fantasy
Please feel free to contact me. I enjoy hearing from readers of my books.

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1 comment:

  1. captured by the hawk was a was a rip roaring tale in the best order of pirating and freebooters and a happy ending to boot