Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Start of a Prequel to the Grand Master's Pawn #SciFi #Psychics #Aliens

Praise for the Grand Master's Trilogy:

I enjoyed this story. The world building made me use my imagination and it was truly beautiful. I traveled with Violet Hunter as she completed each mission for her Grand Master, the Griffin, while trying to discover his motives for the missions. Each mission, more dangerous than the last, helped me understand the Griffin more and the dangers of greed and the ambitions of others.  by 
Shakera for TheRomanceReviews.com http://www.amazon.com/review/REFM4WGD3DYK0/ 

I am publishing a short story and prequel to the Grand Master's Trilogy. 
Grand Master's Cat is on pre-order for release on August 30th. 
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 Grand Master's Cat

Here are the first few lines of the story: 

The whine of a low flying spacecraft scored across the purple sky, and on the desert sands far below, a dark figure vanished. Annoyed at the interruption, Grand Master Griffin had thrown a cloak of invisibility around himself. He had chosen to investigate this particular planet with potential ancient sites, precisely because of its location far away from the listed routes for Space Corps survey flights.
The steady drone of the jet stuttered for a second and the small ship veered toward the mountains. The Grand Master’s eyes narrowed in speculation. Seconds later, a larger ship shot into sight, following the contrail of the first. A laser weapon flashed, sending the first ship into an evasive zigzag path. In the air between the two ships, an expanding blob of light showed the smaller victim was also armed. The supersonic bang came seconds later.
“Dagda’s horn,” the Griffin muttered, annoyed at the interruption. Of course, the ships were traveling in the opposite direction to his original destination.
Still invisible to normal sight, the Grand Master raced across the open plain in lengthy psi-assisted strides, covering thousands of paces with minimal use of his power. He intended to discover the identities of the people fighting in the skies of this remote planet.
The two ships disappeared over the mountain peaks where their battle continued with the distant sizzle of lasers. A blast of light, followed by a loud boom, marked the explosion of one of the ships. The dull crunch of a ship hitting the ground was succeeded by an ominous silence. 
Seething at the waste of his energy in a detour, the Griffin leaped from the sandy ground and zoomed into the air. He rose into the wispy clouds to surmount the jagged peaks. Someone might have survived the crash. 

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