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Twelve Grand Masters on the Council in Epic #SciFi Fantasy - Fact Sheet

The Twelve Grand Masters
The secretive Grand Masters rarely appear in public since their unshielded psychic emissions are lethal. Here, you have a special opportunity to learn about their powerful entities. 

In the Grand Master’s Trilogy, six of the Grand Masters are humanoid or human derived. Six are unhuman sapient beings. 

Which is your favorite Grand Master? 
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Human-Like Grand Masters
(in alphabetic order)

Athanor Griffin
Human male, youngest of the twelve.
Aura: Azure blue
Emblem: Griffin passant
Description: Tall, dark haired, hooked nose and blue eyes.

Garron Lionheart
Human male
Aura: Blue
Emblem: Lion rampant
Description: Tall, handsome, yellow hair and blue eyes.

Morrigu, the Red Queen
Human female, more than 200 years old.
Aura: Ruby red
Emblem: Striking Cobra
Description: Voluptuous figure, red skin, strawberry blonde hair, and four arms. 

Nathan Lord of Lightning, Chair of Council
Human male, about 300 years old.
Aura: Green
Emblem: Bolt of lightning or gold zigzag
Description: Dark haired with green eyes

Pashtari Hanuman
Human male, more than 700 years old.
Aura: White to pale yellow
Emblem: Monkey
Description: Rotund figure, plump cheeks, a fringe of white hair and ivory yellow eyes.

Ravaleen, Meilai of Marina
Human female
Aura: Blue-green
Emblem: Lorosa - dolphin like marine animal.
Description: Beautiful, green skin, long turquoise hair and green eyes. 

Unhuman Grand Masters
(in alphabetic order)

Insectoid male
Aura: Yellow
Emblem: Wings in V shape.
Description: Brown insect with three segments and six legs. Communicates by chitters.

Brightness Amarylla Threeleaf
Wistralian Plantoid female
Aura: Pink
Emblem: Trefoil
Description: Three large pink petals on a short stalk with trailing roots. Communicates by rustling leaflets and emitting scents.

Plantoid male
Aura: Yellowish brown
Emblem: Three dots in a triangle.
Description: Gold dots of eyes at the end of its sticks. Switches from a bundle of sticks/twigs to a tree. Communicates by cracking twigs together.

Octopoid male
Aura: Orange
Emblem: Unknown
Description: Cylindrical body with tentacles tipped with yellow eyes.  

Unknown species
Aura: White to amber
Emblem: Unknown
Description: Ovoid pebble covered with filaments striped in varying colors - white, yellow or orange. Communicates by pattern of stripes on filaments.

Umloa Thundercloud
Amoeboid male
Aura: Green
Emblem: Unknown, probably a specific odor.
Description: Amorphous, semi-transparent blob, with gray bubble eyes. Communicates by exuding scented bubbles.

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