Friday, June 30, 2017

Mid Year Reflections of an #Indie #Author

 Grand Masters

What have I accomplished in the first 6 months of 2017?

Writing Progress:

May 2017 marked the third anniversary of publishing my first full-length novel, The Lady is Blue. By now, I have published ten novels and several shorter works. You can see the complete list HERE on the new website ( devoted to my stories. 

 Secret Supers

This year, I rebranded my two longer series, Secret Supers (3 books) and the Grand Masters’ Galaxy (4 books), with super new covers from Danielle Fine. 
Also, I published a box set of the first three books in each series. 

I have recovered the 2 books in Atrapako on Eden, and the stand-alone novel, A Tale of Two Colonies.


After writing a couple of short stories to offer my newsletter subscribers, I decided to compile several of my shorter works in an anthology, Comet Tales, with the common theme of adventure and romance in other worlds. 
 Comet Tales

This month, I’m celebrating the release of Cosmic Rift, Book 4 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy. This story has a whirlwind tour of more than a dozen planets as the galaxy-trotting heroine searches for her psychic mate, while tending to their baby son. 
 Cosmic Rift

Next, I’ll return to writing my new SciFi story set on Europa. This story will expand into a second book, and hopefully, into a new series. 

Newsletter Subscribers
Following the advice of many indie authors, I have worked to increase the number of subscribers to my newsletter. At this point, I have accumulated a total of about 7000 subscribers. My main strategy is to use instafreebie promotions and giveaways of kindles or ebooks organized by groups of authors. Note, these avenues result in many duplicates and a small percentage will unsubscribe after each newsletter. Also, readers may become tired of receiving so many emails. Genre-specific promotions are probably the best.

Social Connections:
My twitter followers have grown to >9000.
I am climbing toward 1500 likes/follows on my Facebook Page.
I have created a new website: with separate pages for each of my series and individual books.  

 My Books

You can find my books on BookBub and Amazon

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