Monday, January 1, 2018

My Plans for 2018 as an #Indie #Author

Writing Goals for the New Year

First, I want to finish the second book of my new series, Taxyon Space, Rishalt. It is about 48,000 words at present. Also, I plan to write or adapt a short story as a reader magnet for this series. My short story, Lonely Hearts on Mars, could fit since it is set in our solar system a few years prior to the events of Book 1, Europa.


Second, I plan to write the fifth book in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy, my longest series. These SciFi Fantasy stories are fun to create. They are vivid with the aural colors of the Grand Masters and almost anything can happen.

 GM Galaxy

Third, I would like to extend one of my shorter series. Atrapako on Eden has only two books, and Secret Supers has three. I might run a reader poll to help decide which series, or else estimate read-through rates.

Strategic Goals

At present, two of my series are in Amazon Kindle Unlimited (Select) and two are available at other retailers. I plan to publish my two-book series, Atrapako on Eden, at non-Amazon sites. 


I expect to continue to increase my newsletter subscribers, and to run cross-promotions with other authors. These two activities have proved effective in selling my books, and worked better than paid promotions in my experience.

 GM Trilogy

After 14 rejections of my books, my boxset, Grand Master’s Trilogy, was accepted for an international BookBub promotion at 99c on 12/27/2017. It paid for itself in a couple of days, and I’m hoping readers will buy Cosmic Rift, Book 4 in the series. Look out for a blog post on my experience. In future, I’ll keep submitting books to BookBub. 

 My Books

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  1. Congrats on your persistence in getting a BookBub.

  2. Admirable goals, Aurora. Wishing you much success.