Saturday, June 9, 2018

A commission for the Master Smith - snippet from COSMIC WARS for #WeWRiWa #SciF

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I’m continuing snippets from Cosmic Wars, Book 5 of the Grand Masters’ Galaxy.

Violet and Athanor Griffin reunite with their baby son after escaping from the world beyond the fiery Cosmic Rift, but they find no respite from troubles. The Council has declared Athanor dead, and are fighting for the leadership position as Chair. Hordes of bloodsucking Ixioth slavers threaten galactic civilization, and a new enemy has emerged from the alternate universe, an enemy immune to the Grand Masters’ psychic powers. The dynamic couple are soon swamped with pleas for help from across the galaxy. Athanor swears to crush the insectoid Ixioths and expel the Nulls, while Violet has vowed to save the captive children of Cinerea. Can the two Griffins reconcile their divergent promises, or must they separate for the tasks of rescuing the prisoners and defeating the slavers?
Join the psychic superstars on this epic adventure, meet aliens of all stripes, and of course, the fabulous dragons of Sythos.

Stimon, the Master Smith, runs a forge inside the crater of an active volcano. He makes various devices for the Grand Masters, and perhaps for others.
Continuing from last week, Violet and Athanor Griffin have taken their son, Varan, to visit the Smith.
[Edited and punctuated to fit]

Athanor tilted his head in greeting, “Indeed, we are happy to be reunited.” Quickly coming to the point, he said, “Master Stimon, I have a commission for you, and I wish to consult you on a related matter.”
Stimon rubbed his hands together, “Business is slow; invasions threaten. Customers have retreated to their homes with their minds attuned to defense.”
“Defense is precisely my goal,” Athanor growled. “Violet and I need new rings with the protective silver fluid. Mine was lost and her ring was damaged.” 
“Do you have the gold and the psi-enhancing liquid, Grand Master?”
“Here is the silver liquid.” Athanor pulled a vial from under his robes, “I’ll fetch as much gold as you require for the rings, and more to pay for the chain you made for our son.”

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  1. I hope that's all he'll need. Good snippet, Aurora.

  2. I hope it's an easy commission as well. Sounds a bit complicated to me. Nice snippet!

    1. The Master Smith makes a variety of items for the Grand Masters. Wedding rings are simple to make, the silver fluid is not.

  3. Interesting sidelight on all the things the Master Smith can make! I enjoyed the details here, great snippet...

  4. Interesting magical item to have. Intriguing snippet.

  5. Oooo I wanna see the end result!

  6. Ohh ... interesting little bit of magic.

  7. Fascinating snippet, I love the sound of these rings, I hope things go right for them, and Simeon will do as they ask in time.

  8. Interesting rings. I hope whoever found his won't be an enemy.

    1. An enemy probably took his ring, but it was only worth the gold.