Saturday, July 7, 2018

Under Attack - Snippet from COSMIC WARS for #WeWRiWa #SciFi Fantasy Adventure

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This weekend, I’m posting a different scene from later in Cosmic Wars, Book 5 of the Grand Masters’ Galaxy.
The Griffin family is at home.
I apologize for minor misuse of punctuation to fit into 10 sentences.

Violet was in the nursery, cleaning her son’s messy face, while he squirmed and giggled. She idly tracked the other inhabitants of the castle with her empathic senses. Athanor knelt in the library, his mind focused on the task of programming a drone to watch over Yellia. Rascal padded around the book shelves, idly swishing his tail; the cat was intrigued by the surge of activity since his master’s return. The Jacksons were heading for the vegetable garden, trailed by the lone fluffy. Violet smiled; her family was at peace, engaged in their normal routines.
A crack of thunder rattled the windowpanes.
Varan bawled in fright.
“Hades, we’re under attack!” Athanor’s shout resounded in her mind. Instantly, he appeared at her side, bristling with psi flames.

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  1. So many interesting details. I was enthralled with them all! And I loved their reaction to thunder, obviously not used to it. :)

    1. Thanks. It's either unusual or else Athanor was alerted to intruders.

  2. So much for peace and quiet! Very dramatic change in tone as the thunder (or the attack) sounds. Great snippet!

  3. Athanor always was overprotective! Wait for next week.

  4. What a way to break a peaceful scene!

  5. Love how she can check in on everyone. Though I must say, I’m glad my mom didn’t have those powers! :-)

  6. Such a peaceful scene - broken so suddenly and without warning. Hope it's just thunder and not an attack, what an enthralling snippet!

  7. So much for peace and relaxation!

  8. Not thunder at all. Too bad -- this is much worse.

  9. There's not going to be any peace and quiet for a while it would seem. Enjoyed the snippet.

  10. It was so peaceful and calm until the thunder. Great snippet!

  11. Good snippet. They thought cannon fire was thunder? Interesting.

  12. WOw--shattered that idyllic moment! Great job of setting it up. I was lulled into the moment. :-)

  13. If that really is just thunder Athanor's reaction is about on a par with my dog's. LOL

    Lovely details in this snippet.