Monday, October 15, 2018

Results of Surveys on Newsletters and Reading Preferences

Over the last couple of months, I polled my subscribers for their preferences on newsletter contents and genres. Here are the results of the informal survey.

QUESTION 1: What would you like see in my newsletters?
Would you like my newsletters to include short stories or flash fiction?
22% voted YES to short stories and 9% voted NO.

Would you like more background on characters or worlds in my stories?
20% voted YES to background on stories and 4% voted NO.

QUESTION 2: How often would you like to receive my Newsletter?
Choices were: Every week; Every two weeks; Once a month
4.0% voted for one per week, 5.8% for every two weeks, and 6.8% for once a month.

QUESTION 3: Do you like to read standalone books, or do you prefer reading a series of connected stories?
I like standalone stories – 1.2%
I prefer to read series – 3.2%
I read both series and standalone stories – 20.0%

QUESTION 4: What genres do you like to read?
(You may vote for more than one option.)
Romance 3.5%
Science Fiction 11.3%
Fantasy 5.7%
Other 3.8%

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