Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Two Planets, Two Possible Futures for Humanity - Atrapako on Eden - #SciFi Adventure & Romance


My series, Atrapako on Eden, offers different scenarios for our future.

Earth/Terra is overcrowded, polluted and people rely on virtual entertainment.

The remote planet of Eden lies in a solar system near the edge of the galactic arms. Eden has two moons, called Mars and Venus. The planet has been terraformed and many native species from Terra were transplanted into large uninhabited regions. A colony of Terran-born humans live in the major city of Riverside and smaller rural communities. Society is supported by a high level of technology, although not overtly. The people enjoy festivals and a variety of “non-virtual” leisure activities. A small spaceport lies just outside Riverside for shuttles from rare visiting spaceships. The Space Traders visit every few years.

Book 1, The Lady is Blue, is set on Eden.

Vkani’s solar system is partially obscured by a dust cloud. The planet has a single moon called the Red Child. The planet Vkani has a desolate environment and post-apocalyptic society. A thousand years ago, a nuclear catastrophe destroyed civilization and devastated the environment. Cities were buried under radioactive sand in extensive desert regions called the Deadlands. The humanoid survivors mutated, or possibly were engineered, to adapt to the new environment. Atrapako have protective scales and a rigid, color-coded society. Blues are the dominant caste, Greens are scientists and technologists. Reds are laborers and soldiers. All others, including children, are Yellows.
During a brief technological renaissance about a hundred years ago, the Atrapako built spaceships to seek a more hospitable planet (see Book 1). Unfortunately, conditions on the planet haven’t improved since they left (see Books 2 & 3).

Book 2, Dragons of Vkani, has action on both planets. 

My latest addition to this series, Book 3, Trapped on Vkani, is set on Vkani

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