Saturday, September 28, 2019

A goodly defense - Snippet from #Medieval_Romance DAME AUDREY for #WeWriWa

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     My latest novel, Dame Audrey, released a month ago, and I’m working on new stories in two different series.
     For now, I’ll continue snippets from Dame Audrey, my new medieval romance set in fourteenth century England in and around my hometown of Reading.
     In the last few snippets, Audrey met the sheriff’s bailiff, Selwyn Drake, in her parish church and they exchanged sympathy for their lost families. He’s a widower.

I have jumped to the first day of Saint James’ Fair. Audrey, a good businesswoman, is manning her cloth stall.

Please excuse my mis-punctuation to fit 8-10 sentences.
     “Good day, Dame Audrey.” Selwyn Drake’s deep, sincere voice elicited a thrill of delight in my wayward mind.
     Smiling at him, I said, “Have you come to bargain for my wares?”
     His hazel eyes twinkled in laughter, “I have no need of fine laces; rather, I am surveying the stalls to deter robbers.”
     “An excellent notion; I chased off two urchins earlier this morning.”
     His dark brows compressed in a frown as he stared at the finery displayed on the linen tablecloth next to my box of silver coins, “Do you have any protection against thieves?”
     “I am prepared,” swiveling toward the rear of the booth, I called, “Here, Rufus.” My wolfhound uncurled from his sleeping place, shook his fox-red fur, and ambled over to nose at my outstretched fingers. Glancing up at the bailiff, I said, “My dog protects me and my wares.”
     “A goodly defense; though not proof against a swordsman,” he held out his hand to the dog.

 Dame Audrey

Reviewers say:
“…one of the very sweetest stories I’ve read in a long time.
“…a truly enriching experience for all those who love history.

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  1. Oooh, he is worried about her, perhaps a bit more than his station requires. :-)

    Aurora, I didn't see your name on the linkylist, but then I just now saw that that you'd left a comment on Veronica Scott's snippet. I just added you to the list for this week. I apologize for not catching it sooner. :-)

  2. I suspect Rufus is more protection than Selwyn thinks - and no doubt a good judge of character!

  3. A wolfhound is great protection. I wouldn't mess with Rufus or Audrey.

    1. No, although as Selwyn said, they are not proof against a sword.

  4. I think he's offering his protection and perhaps more. I'm enjoying these characters.

    1. His current job is to protect people at the fair. But, he is taking a special interest in Audrey.

  5. Loved the banter between these two as they casually chat about thieves and ways of protection. Though the twinkle in his eyes told me he was interested in her wares but not the ones she is selling. :)

    1. They've quickly become comfortable chatting casually.