Monday, November 11, 2019

Aurora's Specials #eBooks #SciFiRom #Fantasy

FREE: EUROPA, Book 1 of Taxyon Space
Near Future SciFi Thriller and Romance. Daredevil scientist and scarred alien in perilous alliance 

Reviewers Say:
“Awesome storyline, great character building and enough action to keep you turning pages till the wee small hours, highly recommend.”
The author has created a tapestry that excites the reader’s senses, and inflames the imagination.”
packed with vivid imagery of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and its oceans teeming with life.
FREE at:  Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  GooglePlay

99c Special for Super Starrella, Book 1 of the Secret Supers

Fantasy adventure & romance. Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat alien killers in modern Atalanta. 

Reviewers Say:
“Super girls and flying horses. What more do you need?”
“an excellent storyline, relatable characters and plenty of action”
“a flying horse, 2 good-looking suitors, her first year at college, and a mysterious super-villain make for a fun read.”
If you like the His Dark Materials trilogy, you'll love this book!”
99c at: Amazon  iBooks  B&N  Kobo  GooglePlay

99c – Rosemary’s Quest
Young adult, coming-of-age fantasy novella
Teenage witch without magic tangles with evil demon and white wizard

Reviewers say:
an exciting tale of Rosemary's quest to kill an evil entity whilst coming into her powers of hereditary magic.”
good characterization with interesting plotting”
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