Friday, April 3, 2020

SciFI Bridge Giveaway

Sign up for a chance to win 30+ Sci-Fi eBooks! Everyone who enters will receive 5 ebooks completely free as our thanks and to fill the hours in these difficult times.

- 10 Winners will receive 30+ Sci-Fi eBooks.
- 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive the eBooks and a $100 Amazon Gift-card.

Authors in the giveaway:
Nathan Hystad, Rachel Aukes, Rick Partlow, Stan Smith, Andrew Dobell, Justin Sloan, Jonathan Yanez, Terry Mixon, Brandon Ellis, Marilyn Peake, Joshua James, Chris Pourteau, Jasper T. Scott, Scott Bartlett, Drew A Avera, Aurora Springer, Gene Doucette, Mary Pax, Jenny Green, Jonathan Moeller, Daniel Arenson, Dean M. Cole, Robert Jeschonek, Austin Dragon, Matt Herron, Michael Forbes, Phil Adams, Daniel Gibbs, Douglas Phillips, Chris Kennedy, Amy DuBoff, Jay Allan, TR Harris, Carolynn Gockel, Mark H Wandrey

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