Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tips for Coping with Social Isolation

Vegetable Garden - Detail by southernfoodswaysalliance

Many of us, all over the world, are under lockdown or shelter in place orders. We may be bored, sick or distressed. Other people, who are working in essential, perhaps risky jobs, would benefit from a chance to relax. 
What are you doing to ease the stress? 
I asked my newsletter subscribers to send their tips for coping during the COVID crisis. 

Here are a Few of Their Tips for Coping

B: I'm easing it with my beloved books and the Internet.

A: Here are some things to do during the shelter in place - Foster a dog to go on short walks; Gardening; DIY project; Puzzles

J: Cooking..playing video games with my daughter...listening to music❤❤

S: Painting furniture on my days off from work. I can't go to the thrift shops to change out furniture, so I have been painting some of it to make it feel like new furniture. Right now my daughter and I are painting her bedroom furniture.

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