Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My #SciFi Adventure and Medieval Romance Novels on Sale


99c for Dame Audrey – Adventure and romance set in Chaucer’s England.
Can a magic brooch help Dame Audrey evade the schemes to force her into wedlock with an unscrupulous merchant?

On sale until May 31st 


99c for The Lady is Blue, Book 1 of Atrapako on Eden
Sci-Fi Adventure and Romance on a distant planet.                                            
Intrepid scientist discovers secret of scaly aliens. 

On sale until May 31st  

 GM Trilogy

Best Deal - First time in 18 months - 99c for Grand Master’s Trilogy 
Epic SciFi / Fantasy Adventure and Romance - Three Volumes in One.
Spin through the galaxy, meeting exotic aliens, as young empath Violet hunts the secrets of the Grand Masters and finds a perilous love.
Note, I am currently writing the sixth book in this series.

On sale until June 30th  

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