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A social visit? Snippet from COSMIC LOCK for #WeWriWa

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I’m continuing to show snippets from Cosmic Lock, the sixth book in my epic science fantasy series. I am doing the final pass to polish this story and I’ll publish as soon as it’s gone through proofing.
Violet has taken Varan, her 13-month old son, to visit their dragon friends on the hot planet of Sythos. Both Violet and her son are wearing protective suits and helmets due to the high temperatures and high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. Dragons’ eyries are carved inside tall pillars of rock in the desert-like terrain. Violet and her son are waiting on the entrance platform of the tunnel to the dragons’ caves.
The final sentence was: No more than five minutes later, Violet detected the approach of her friend, Ythris.

The huge Black Dragon stomped onto the ledge. His scales shone like polished onyx, and his head towered high above her. He lowered his long neck to stare at her, a fierce gleam in his great golden eyes. Offering the big claw on his foreleg in greeting, he hissed, “Violet Griffin, Zyzost friend, you returned unscathed from the parallel universe.”
“We escaped through the Rift with the help of our dragon comrades, Seltos and Elfrise.”
“They have related their tale.” Twitching his horns forward, he asked, “Is this visit purely social?”
She squeezed his large claw, and lifted Varan up toward the Black Dragon’s head. “Entirely social on Varan’s part, although my visit is primarily to check on noble Seltos and valiant Elfrise.”

End of an official 9 lines, with a few more to follow.

“An impulse worthy of your generosity. Come with me to our chambers. Istrelle will bring our son to play with your zyzost child, and we can speak in private.”
“Ride,” Varan demanded, grabbing one of the dragon’s knobby horns.
Ythris gave a snort of amusement. “Your son is lively.”

 Cosmic Lock

Defeating three sets of enemies and sealing a wormhole – just a normal task for the Griffin Grand Masters. 
Grand Masters Violet and Athanor Griffin return from beyond the Cosmic Rift with two shiploads of rescued children and escaped slaves, but their enemies have not been idle in their absence. Avalon is in flames and their baby son is missing. Finding him may be the easiest of their problems. They must unite the fractious Grand Masters, stop the bloodsucking Ixioths from enslaving sentients, and seal the cosmic rupture to prevent new incursions of the vindictive Nulls. The clock is ticking. They have twelve days to squash their enemies before their final venture into the alternate universe. Can they overcome the challenges and secure peace for the galaxy?

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Epic SciFi / Fantasy Adventure and Romance 

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  1. Charmaine Gordon
    As always, my friend, I enjoy your snippets

  2. Ythris is definitely intimidating even though they are friends. He seems kind though.

  3. I love the respect and trust in this scene between such opposites.

  4. I'm enjoying the social interaction between these old friends...terrific snippet!

    1. Thanks. The dragons appear several times in this story. I think Ythris is itching to join their battles.

  5. Ythris definitely has a strong presence! I would think it's a good thing the dragon is a friend. :)

    1. Exactly. Violet won his friendship in the first book when he was younger and more vulnerable.

  6. I like the dragon very much.

    1. Thanks. He has a lovely wife too - Silver Istrelle.

  7. He seems kind despite his strong demeanour.

    1. True. He and Athanor share the same fierce mien and kind hearts.

  8. Only my second reading of your snippets, and I love the pairing of such opposites. Awesome job.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt.
      The dragons appear in every book in this series. Often they give vital help.

  9. I enjoy your characterization of Ythris. Intimidating, yet a good friend and stalwart ally.

    1. Thank you. He lives up to his image in this story.