Thursday, July 22, 2021

Summer Travels Part 1: North to Pennsylvania


Traveling North on Vacation

This July, my husband and I took our first vacation in about eighteen months. We drove from Atlanta to visit our son in Willimantic, Connecticut, 1000 miles each way and passing through 10 states along the East Coast. This journey partially replicates our moves over the past

On the outbound trip, we spent five days sleeping in a tent at two different campsites. The campgrounds were almost empty.

The left picture on the header image at the top shows our first campsite in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. It’s across a stream from the road though the campground and quite private.

The most exciting event occurred when we were driving along a quiet stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A black bear cub jumped into the road in front of the car and quickly retreated.

We climbed Sharp Top Mountain. The heat with temperatures in the low 90’s made the short, steep ascent of about 1.5 miles more difficult.

Images of the view from the top of Sharp Mountain (above) and the peak (below).

We drove north to Pennsylvania and camped at Caledonia State Park. Again, the weather was hot with occasional rainstorms. Luckily, we escaped the rain while we were preparing meals and the tent kept us dry at night. We hiked on a trail near the campground. When we returned to camp, we had a burst of heavy rain. We just sat in the downpour in our rain gear and I opened my umbrella. The rain stopped quickly.

The image shows a stream we crossed on our hike. I paddled in the water and we saw some small trout in another stretch of water.

We returned via Harper’s Ferry and Asheville for a dose of history and culture. The image on the right of the header has a view over the Potomac River from Harper’s Ferry. I’ll describe our southbound trip in a second post.

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