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Professional Searchers - Snippet from Baswin for #WeWriWa


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I skipped the last couple of weekends while my husband and I were traveling to Connecticut to visit our younger son.

I’m posting excerpts from Baswin, the fifth book in my Sci-Fi Romance series, Taxyon Space. Baswin is an alien Warrish ‘merman’ who is living in secret on Earth disguised as a human. He is worried about being discovered. His brother Alarik, another covert agent, has traveled to Mars, partly to escape unknown enemies.

In my last excerpt, Baswin received an alarm about strangers entering his brother’s apartment.

My last snippet on July 4th introduced Baswin. You can read the snippet at:

 The men made a cautious circle of the open living area. They did not speak. At an unspoken signal, they separated. One man went to check the bedroom and adjacent washroom, while the other scoured the furniture in the main room. Each man searched the cabinets, shelves and drawers, removing individual articles and replacing them methodically. They ran their gloved fingers along the window frames and edges of the doors, feeling for hidden bugs.

Efficient and careful. Professionals, Baswin guessed.

Within a few minutes, the two men reunited by the sofa. Exchanging nods, but no words, they departed.

Ten lines and a little more:

He had to warn his brother.

This intrusion into Alarik’s apartment only intensified his worries. Their mysterious enemies had penetrated his brother’s primary residence and likely compromised his alias as Rick Kent. Pondering the sequence of events, Baswin drummed his fingers on the rover’s control bar. By this date, Alarik ought to have arrived on Mars. He might be safer on that planet, beyond the jurisdiction of any searchers, assuming their bosses were based on Earth.

He keyed the code for his brother’s qtel.

After a minute, Alarik’s face appeared on the screen.

“Bas?” He rubbed his eyes as if he had just been roused from sleep. It might be nighttime in his location on the red planet. 


 An alien spy on the run.

Two human sisters chosen to train as astronavigators.

Their paths are destined to converge.

Psychic sensitives, Holly Moon and her sister Rosie, are chosen as candidates for Warrish training as hyperspace navigators. The sisters are eager to promote humanity’s advance into space. Will they succeed? They must pass a series of rigorous tests and adapt to the alien neuro-implants.

Alien merman, Baswin Kenton Tallis, Second of his Triad, lives on Earth disguised as a human. When Earth agents discover the secret identity of his older brother, Baswin must flee to the Warrish embassy in the Pacific Ocean.

Holly and Baswin are swept together on an island in the Pacific Ocean, but their destiny lies farther away and many forces threaten to drive them apart. Can they overcome the obstacles and find a haven?

Follow the adventures of the three brothers of the Flaming Comets Triad in Baswin, Book 5 in Taxyon Space.

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  1. Secret searches are never a good ting. Hopefully his alias is still protected.

    1. At this point, his brother is in danger, but Baswin doesn't know if or when the searchers will focus on him.

  2. Hmm, I wonder if they found anything or left empty-handed. Very important his brother is warned.

  3. Yikes! If he didn't know it before, he knows now that spying can be a dangerous game.

  4. Oh boy! Professionals for sure. methodical, silent. Who has discovered them? And will he get off of Earth in time? Good snippet!

    Welcome back, Aurora! I hope you enjoyed your visit and family time!

    1. Thanks.
      We had a good trip, traveled 2000 miles and visited our son for three days. I'm posting about the trip on my blog.

  5. Silence often says more than words. Intriguing snippet today!

  6. I like the sense of danger in this excerpt. Kind of spooky to watch the men searching the apartment. Congratulations on the new book! Great snippet.

    1. Thanks. The danger will come closer before hitting him.

  7. That's not good news to wake up to!

  8. Professionals searching your apartment is never a good idea. Very dangerous for Baswin who hasn't fled to Mars.