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No signs of habitation - Exercpt from #Baswin for #WeWriWe


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I’m posting excerpts from Baswin, the fifth book in my Sci-Fi Romance series, Taxyon Space. Baswin is an alien Warrish ‘merman’ who is living in secret on Earth disguised as a human. He has just warned his brother Alarik about two masked strangers searching his apartment. Alarik plans to travel to the Asteroid Belt, or possibly to Europa, to elude their unknown enemies. You can read Alarik’s story in the previous book, Alarik.

You can read the end of their conversation in last week’s excerpt at:

The final line in Baswin’s pov is: Whichever direction his brother chose to swim, he must take precautions to protect himself.

This week, you will learn about Baswin’s plan to “disappear”.

Pursuing his escape plan, Baswin, under his alias of Basil Kent, had acquired a permit for backcountry camping and traveled to the transit station on the eastern border of the wilderness. When he arrived, he was suitably garbed with hiking boots and a backpack. Instead of taking the trail into the forest, he had hired the rover, a sturdy standard model. Once he flew out of signal range, he had disabled the rover’s route tracker. By now, he had flown three hundred kiloms away from the station. He made a cursory check on the displays. His monitors had detected no drones or any sign of habitation since he left the highway.

He exhaled in satisfaction. So far, his plan had flowed smoothly. This wilderness could become his refuge if necessary to escape any pursuit.

Ten lines and a little more:

Like many Warrish men, his triad of brothers had honed their survival skills in the wilds of Obelle. This forest had fish in the streams and plenty of other animals he could catch and eat. The local carnivores were puny creatures compared to the scaled monsters that roamed the planet of Obelle.

His immediate destination was a small river indicated on the map. Ahead and below, a long sinuous break in the foliage marked the path of the river through the forest.

Baswin angled the rover into a shallow glide toward the creek. Carefully maneuvering under the higher branches, he descended into the space above the water and searched for a safe landing site. A flat-topped spur of rock on the sunlit bank of the stream looked suitable. He lowered the rover onto the hard surface and cut the engines.

Silence descended, broken only by the faint gurgle of flowing water.

He set the monitors to search for infrared signals and watched through the windows for a count of six minutes. Few people lived in this preserved wilderness along the central spine of the northern Americontinent. He was untraceable unless somebody had seen the rover land. The larger animals, bears, elk and wolves did not scare him, although strange humans did.

Nothing stirred outside. The sensors indicated no large sources of heat, confirming the absence of larger animals in the vicinity.


An alien spy on the run.

Two human sisters chosen to train as astronavigators.

Their paths are destined to converge.

Psychic sensitives, Holly Moon and her sister Rosie, are chosen as candidates for Warrish training as hyperspace navigators. The sisters are eager to promote humanity’s advance into space. Will they succeed? They must pass a series of rigorous tests and adapt to the alien neuro-implants.

Alien merman, Baswin Kenton Tallis, Second of his Triad, lives on Earth disguised as a human. When Earth agents discover the secret identity of his older brother, Baswin must flee to the Warrish embassy in the Pacific Ocean.

Holly and Baswin are swept together on an island in the Pacific Ocean, but their destiny lies farther away and many forces threaten to drive them apart. Can they overcome the obstacles and find a haven?

Follow the adventures of the three brothers of the Flaming Comets Triad in Baswin, Book 5 in Taxyon Space.

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  1. I'm curious as to whether his plan to disappear will work as well as he has planned.

  2. Of course there are 'complications' although the story has a hfn

  3. Strange humans scare me more than bears, elk, and wolves, too lol. Very nice descriptive scene!

  4. Enjoyed the description and the weaving of his past experiences with the current situation. Can't wait for more!

    1. Thanks. It's still early in the book and the background is relevant for people who might not remember details from the previous books.

  5. He seems to know what he's doing and will be able to take care of himself out there.

  6. He made a good plan, but you know what they say about plans going astray. It can't be this easy.

  7. Nice descriptions, interesting scene.