Thursday, May 5, 2022

Spring-blooming wildflowers in the woods of southeast Britain


This month, we flew to the UK to visit our family. We went to Lower Woods, a National Forest near Warwick and Chipping Sodbury in Southeast Britain, to see the bluebells and other wildflowers.

Bluebells are a lovely sight in the woods during May. The intensely blue flowers make a carpet under the trees. It’s been many years since I last visited England at the right time to see the bluebells.

In the top image, you can see bluebells with the white patch of stitchwort in the distance.


A closer view of bluebell flowers with the white petals of  stitchwort.


We found yellow primroses and cowslips. Both of these typically English flowers are in the primula family.


Early Purple Orchid is a rarer flower with deep magenta petals. We saw several of these flowers along the paths in the woods.


Other flowers are less colorful. The image above shows the green flowers of Wood spurge.

Not illustrated - We saw many patches of ramps with white flowers. Ramps are edible plants also known as wild leeks or wild onions. We also found Cuckoo flower or Lady’s mantle, which has four pink petals. 



  1. Aurora, you darling lady (don't get carried away, I'm 82 and a widower in Australia). This is my first comment but not the first time I have looked at your blog. Your pictures are always beautiful and I believe these flowers take the cake. Thank you very much for showing them to the world.

    1. The same flowers grew in the woods and roadsides when I was a child in the UK.