Thursday, September 29, 2022

My Tests of Different Apps for Creating Images from Text


AI-generated images are controversial at present. Several programs/apps are available for creating AI images from text prompts. I decided run experiments with some options that are free for initial images and do not require setting up a new account. I ran simple tests on several free on-line programs for generating image from text. Since I am still learning how to make good text prompts, the results may improve for experienced users.

Caveat: this field is moving fast and my results might not be applicable in a few months. 

Here are the results with prompts. is the current version of Dall-E mini. The test prompt ‘Elf with sword in trees’ gave this result. 

My verdict: rough and weird.


Dream by Wombo. Test prompt gave a weird image, but you need to create an account to download the image. 


Starry My prompt ‘alien jungle’ gave this image. 

But my attempts to improve the image gave weirder results.

Verdict: has potential. My prompt ‘Elf in forest’ produced this image. 

 Another prompt of ‘alien jungle with purple leaves yellow flowers and blue monkey with six legs gave this interesting image. 

Again, evolving the image tended to give mixed results and was often not an improvement over the first one.

Verdict: promising, has various algorithms, and can be used for free with their credit system. I decided to create more images and obtained several acceptable ones for characters or alien landscapes. The header image is a volcanic landscape. 


Other Sites

Pixray: Charges for use.

MidJourney: First 25 images are free, then subscriptions are $10 or $30 per month. It requires access through Discord, which would mean opening a new account.

I'm sure there are other programs available. These ones came up on my searches. 

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