Indie Resources

My List of FREE Resources for Indie Authors

Aurora's Tips
7 Tips for Naming Characters in Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Web Sites with General Advice
Florence Osmund has a well-organized site with useful information on a variety of relevant topics from writing to marketing.

Joel Friedlander has great advice for authors especially for format and book covers.
Jackie Weger's group has blogs and links with valuable information, especially for marketing and promotion.  

Polish your book descriptions on Amazon with simple HTML tags -

Sites to get feedback on your covers

Lists of Places to Promote your Books 
No guarantees for success, sites often change, and some may work better for specific genres or free vs discounted. 

Free Sites to Promote Free eBooks

Check the results for my promotion of a standalone novel -

Here are examples for promotion of a series -

Here is a short list of sites I have used. Some will promote discounted as well as free books and many offer better exposure for paid promotions. 

1. Free at time of posting, but may change.
2. Read the submission requirements.