Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crooked hand - Snippet from Gargoyle Hunt for #WeWriWa #Gifts

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers in different genres showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.

I am posting snippets from Gargoyle Hunt, Book 3 of Secret Supers.

Danger is the last thing on Estelle’s mind when she visits the University of Oxenford for a summer course. But, mysterious thefts and shadowy figures spur her into action. With Toby five thousand miles away, Estelle and her winged horse must hunt for the culprits alone. Soon they are embroiled in a mixed bag of aliens and ancient magic. Toby’s unexpected arrival throws her into turmoil and spurs events into a climax. 

By popular demand, I’m continuing from a scene with a gargoyle in action.
Super Starrella and her flying horse, Rockette, have encountered a live gargoyle.  
You can read last week’s snippet here:

Rockette snorted and dodged. A crooked hand clamped onto her rear hoof and dragged her down to the roof. She beat her wings, bucked and reared in midair, struggling to dislodge its grip. Determined to hang on, Starrella clung to the mane and clamped her knees into the mare’s flanks. She twisted her head from side to side, seeking a clear shot at her target. Kicking desperately, the mare’s steel clad hooves clinked against the stone torso, shoving the gargoyle against the parapet. 
Seizing her chance, Starrella opened her fist and flung fire balls at the awful creature. Its mouth gaped impossibly wide, tongue protruding like a snake. It staggered backward, releasing the mare’s leg.

 Gargoyle Hunt

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  1. Well, at least Rockette is free. But now the gargoyle's attention is on Starella. That could be dangerous. Great snippet! :)

  2. Good action. I’d be interested to hear what effect a fireball has on a gargoyle made of stone.

    1. Correct as usual. She has to work on her approach!

  3. Very tense scene (I dislike gargoyles always fearing they will reach out and grab me, lol) I imagine the gaping mouth allowed access for the fireballs to do damage, I hope. Now if I were Starrella and Rockette I'd be saying "feet don't fail me now".

    1. Many of the real gargoyles, or grotesques, are heads without limbs.

  4. Very visual. Amps up the danger very nicely. Good job, Aurora!

  5. Oh my, Aurora! You always get me on the edge of my seat with your fight scenes! Great job.

  6. Oh my, Aurora! You always get me on the edge of my seat with your fight scenes! Great job.

  7. Dramatic scene, as pretty much everyone else has said LOL, but really - it's true!

  8. So is the awful creature going to come after her now? Great action.

  9. Yay! Rockette got away. Great action scene.

  10. Replies
    1. They will have several close calls during the book.

  11. very visual ... enjoyed the snippet