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Gargoyle Hunt, Book 3 of Secret Supers is available for pre-order #Superheroes #amwriting

 Super Starrella
Gargoyle Hunt, Book 3 of Secret Supers is available for pre-order

Danger is the last thing on Estelle’s mind when she visits the University of Oxenford for a summer course. But, mysterious thefts and shadowy figures spur her into action. With Toby five thousand miles away, Estelle and her winged horse must hunt for the culprits alone. Soon they are embroiled in a mixed bag of aliens and ancient magic. Toby’s unexpected arrival throws her into turmoil and spurs events into a climax. Under pressure to succeed, Toby is trapped in a web of deceit. The two supers must catch the crooks in less than a week to salvage his reputation.  

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 Gargoyle Hunt

Excerpt - First Gargoyle Sighting

A scream echoed from the stone walls of Catte Street and Estelle ran toward the noise. She stopped at the intersection, recognizing the couple at the corner. Professor Philpot was attempting to pacify Betty Moss, the young woman who had been scared to go out after dark.
The professor looked at Estelle. His voice was apologetic. “Miss Wright, I offered to escort Betty through the streets. She’s upset because she thinks she saw a movement in the shadows.”
“I did see it! A ghoul climbing up the wall. Right up a vertical wall!” Betty’s voice was shrill with indignation. She pointed a shaking finger at the church on the opposite side of the street. “Over there.”
Diane and Julian raced round the corner. “What’s going on?” Julian exclaimed.
“There!” Betty’s sharp cry pierced their ears.
A dark form, like the elongated figure of a man, clambered over the arched entrance to the church. The spooky shadow reached the apex of the arch and stood motionless. Betty moaned and slumped onto the paved street. The professor tutted. Julian crouched on one knee to examine her.
“I’ll go for help,” Estelle said. She fingered the transparent sleeves of her nanosuit. The special nanofabric created by Farleon technology was only microns thick and as tough as Kevlar. But, she wanted to be out of sight before switching to Super Starrella and chasing the uncanny quarry. She sprinted round the corner and dived into a dark archway.
Rockette!” she sent the mental summons. She rolled the nanomask over her head. Running her fingers along the label of her costume, she adjusted the nanofabric to the almost invisible setting.
Appearing as a hazy outline, Super Starrella raced back around the corner to the church. The creature still clung on top of the wall like an ugly ornament. Diane and Julian huddled together and the professor hovered over Betty. She scanned the tops of the buildings. Where was Rockette? She couldn’t climb a vertical wall after that weird creature; she would have to ride on the winged mare.
I’m here. Standing right next to you,” Rockette whinnied in her mind. “Shucks, these invisible costumes are super great. I can’t even see myself.” Feathers glimmered as she flapped her wing tips. Motion destroyed the reflective illusion of invisibility.
Revolving in a semi-circle, Starrella touched a warm neck and moved her hand down the mare’s body. Visible briefly as a ghostly shape, she scrambled onto the broad back. “Let’s fly!” 
Thrusting her wings down, Rockette soared toward the church tower. The uncanny man-shape had climbed to the top. On closer inspection, the figure resolved into a grotesque parody of a man, all grey and mottled like weathered stone. Its arms and legs were twice the normal length. A long tongue drooped out of the creature’s oval mouth, and a short tail dangled at its back.
Bounding on its stumpy clawed feet, the misshapen creature lunged straight at Starrella and Rockette. Its clawed fingers clutched for them.
Starrella shuddered in alarm. How could it perceive them in spite of their invisible nanocoats? She cried, “Fly away!
Rockette snorted and dodged. A crooked hand clamped onto her rear hoof and dragged her down.
Opening her fist, Starrella flung fire balls at the awful creature. Its mouth gaped impossibly wide, tongue protruding like a snake. It staggered backward, releasing Rockette’s leg.
The mare leaped free. Wings raised, Rockette circled at a cautious distance from the weird man. Its round eyes followed the flying horse and it raised a knobby fist, ready to strike. Moonlight beamed through a gap in the clouds, striking the grotesque head. The creature melted into nothing.
The flat roof of the tower was empty.
“Gone!” Starrella gasped aloud. “Where did it go?” Leaning over the parapet, Starrella peered down at the street. No one was visible, no repulsive caricature of a man. She groaned, “We’ve hit on a mystery. Where did it come from and where did it go?
Don’t care if I never see that ugly man again,” the mare neighed.

Secret Supers Series
Super Starrella, Book 1, 99c
Gargoyle Hunt, Book 3, on 99c pre-order

What Readers say about Super Starrella:
“Fun Exciting Read. This story has it all, a young woman who becomes a super hero: A super villain, mysterious boyfriend from another planet, conflict between good and evil, and trying to do the right thing helping others.”

Fun and fascinating! This is a fun, supernatural adventure that takes readers into a new realm of super heroes and adventure.

Star power. Wow, great story. I was hooked from the beginning.” 

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