Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Re-release of THE LEGEND OF BANZAI MAGUIRE by Susan Grant #SciFiRom

The 2176 Freedom Series, Book 1
New York Times/USA Today Bestselling Author
RITA Winner
Susan Grant

About The Legend of Banzai Maguire:

The year: 2016. While flying a peacekeeping mission over North Korea, Air Force pilot Bree "Banzai" Maguire is shot down. Instead of the North Korean troops she expected, she finds herself captured by a mad scientist and put in bio-stasis. When she wakes, everything has changed. It's 2176, the world is in crisis, and she is a hotly contested prize. Once, Banzai's job was to protect democracy; now a mysterious voice claims she must bring it back.

The year: 2176. U.C.E. Commander Ty Armstrong is a decorated SEAL, combat veteran, and part-time treasure hunter. Seeking one elusive prize has become a personal obsession for him: Banzai Maguire, who was never found after her mysterious disappearance 160 years earlier. His quest to find her remains takes him into enemy territory where he discovers that not only is she very much alive, he might have already fallen in love with her. But before he can bring her to safety, they are captured by the charming, yet ruthless, Emperor of Asia. Ty vows to escape with Banzai at his side. But his captor has other plans for him—and for Banzai Maguire.

Praise for The Legend of Banzai Maguire:

“If Grant’s faithful fighter jet descriptions don’t snag readers from the outset, her fierce, funny, tough-as-nails heroine will. With its cliffhanger conclusion, awe-inspiring characters and droll humor, this book is a strong launch for a very promising series.” — Publishers Weekly

The Legend of Banzai Maguire excerpt: 

If you have the chance to live life to the fullest, do it. Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid, take the absolutely biggest bite out of this existence that you can. The rewards are immeasurable, the eventual fulfillment soul-deep. I know. I guess you could say that I’m an expert on the subject. I’ve lived two lives, both of them to the hilt.
My name is Maguire, Bree Maguire. But you know me as Banzai, even now, after years of accumulated titles, honors, and a marriage have lengthened my legal name to the point where I can’t help sighing long and silently at official events attended by those who expect and actually enjoy that sort of pomp, pageantry those closest to me know I’d rather avoid—the same people who know I never would.
Ceremony is a small sacrifice to make, you see. Once, I gave up everything that is important to a person. But, I would have died for my country, if asked. Instead, I was reborn into something better, something stronger. The United States was, too.
My quest took me to places I never imagined—not only geographical, but of the heart. It was how I first met the man who would be everything to me.
Now that I’m one hundred years into this winding path called life, my children tell me that I should record my memoirs before I pass on and leave the chore to the official biographers, who’ll no doubt use the opportunity to make me into more of a legend than I already am—to my dismay, because the men and women I consider the true heroes went on with their lives after their deeds were done, some quite humbly and certainly without the idolization directed toward me and my husband. They are the ones who deserve our remembrance, those men and women. And now, here in this record of what happened, they will receive recognition.
You may wonder if our pasts were as colorful as they seem, if our adventures were truly as fantastic and wild as you learned in school. Why, yes, they were. They were all that, and more…

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Author Bio:

When NY Times/USA Today bestselling author and Air Force veteran Susan Grant isn’t driving an 18-wheeler (AKA a 747 jumbo jet) she loves writing romantic, action-packed stories featuring gutsy woman and honorable men. Flying to exotic places and trying every kind of food imaginable helps Susan bring her sci-fi worlds alive for readers. She is a winner of the prestigious RITA award for her book Contact, an alien abduction sci-fi romance.

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Twitter: @flyerdreamer

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