Monday, September 10, 2018

Falling Leaves Giveaway Plus a Dozen Super Romances


A Dozen Super Romances on Sale at 99c or Free! Plus Great Prizes
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 Super Starrella

99c: Super Starrella by Aurora Springer 
Superhero, Urban Fantasy, SciFi Romance
After Estelle Wright gains superpowers in an accident, she juggles college classes with fighting alien menaces on the city streets. She is aided by a sarcastic flying horse and a good-looking biker with a ton of secrets.
Fun, action-packed adventure and romance set in a fictional version of Atlanta.

 No Perfact Destiny

FREE: No Perfect Destiny by Jackie Weger
Contemporary romance, romantic suspense
Leah Spenser is hiding all she holds dear in plain sight. Detective Leo Garvey can wreck her life and hovers like a spy drone on a target. Worse, he wears pheromones like most men wear aftershave. Resisting in not easy. Leo is charming, witty, soft spoken and seems to have her best interests at heart. Or maybe not...

 Malibu Angel

99c: Malibu Angel by Mia Fox
Paranormal romance
Every girl could use a guardian angel, and if that angel happens to be a hot Malibu lifeguard, all the better. But the laws of Angels clearly state that they can't get involved with their assignment.
But maybe...they can bend the rules a bit.

 Am Haunst

FREE: American Haunts by Carmen DeSousa
Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
Homicide detectives Gino Canale and Mark Waters don't believe in ghosts. Not yet anyway.
But when a murder and attempted homicide mimic cold-case murders, and it appears entities are working from beyond the grave to right a wrong, they start to wonder if life and death can cross tracks…


99c: Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano
Contemporary Romance, Multicultural Romance, Native American Hero
Utter desperation is the only reason Tyne Whitlock would ever seek the help of high-powered attorney Lucas Silver Hawk. Sixteen years ago, Lucas fathered her son-a fact he is unaware of-and now their son has landed on the wrong side of the law. But reaching out to Lucas will tear open the past in ways Tyne never imagined.

 Sweet r

FREE: Sweet Retaliation by Mimi Barbour
Romantic Suspense
Cass won't rest until her brother's murderers are jailed or dead. She goes after them one at a time until she gets her revenge. Detective McGuire takes a bullet for her and now the annoying good-looker feels responsible and won’t leave her alone.


99c: Imperfect Love by Rebecca Talley
Romance, women’s fiction
A rocky marriage, a baby on the way, and a devastating diagnosis that changes everything. Amidst her shattered life, will Lauren Wilson still find the happily-ever-after she so desperately seeks?


FREE: Fragmented by Colleen Connally
Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Suspense
A psychological thriller~ FRAGMENTED by Colleen Connally Behind the mask of unthinkable obsession, nothing is how it appears! Boston's Crimes of Passion Series, Book 1

 It isn't

99c: It Isn’t Cheating If He’s Dead by Julie Frayn
Women’s fiction
After four long years, Jemima Stone’s missing fiancĂ© is found dead. Hot detective Finn Wight is on the case – and in Jemima’s bed. Then she meets a homeless man whose secrets could change everything. Can feeding the downtrodden and finding new love mend a broken heart?


FREE: Celebrity by Melinda De Ross
Contemporary romance, chick-lit
The journey of a young writer who trades her simple existence in Chicago for the glamorous Hollywood life, full of luxury and scandal. And where the general motto seems to be "live fast, die young".

 Same Time

99c: Same Time Next Year by Susanne Matthews
Romance, women’s fiction
Twyla's life changed dramatically when the boy she loved didn't return her desperate call. Now, fifty years later, she returns to the scene of her heartbreak to write her memoirs and find out what went so terribly wrong. Will discovering the answer heal her broken heart or make things worse?


99c: The Betrayal of Lies by Debra Burroughs
Cozy mystery, sweet romance
Sassy private-eye Emily Parker has a sexy police detective fiancé and a near-perfect life in quaint Paradise Valley...that is, until the wedding planner goes missing, sending the lovebirds on a dangerous investigation. Can they uncover the truth before someone winds up dead?

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