Saturday, September 1, 2018

Toby - Snippet from #Superhero short story for #WeWriWA

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Meet writers in various genres and read 8-10 sentence snippets of their stories. Find a new author and sample their work. Enjoy!

I’ve switched to snippets from an unpublished short story in my superhero series. It was originally intended for an anthology that didn’t receive enough submissions. I’m debating whether to expand it into a novella or make an anthology with other short stories. Any suggestions are welcome. 

Gecko, a skinny lad with dark curly hair, had his laptop open. His elbows on the table, Toby sat beside him; his sleeveless black shirt exposed the tattoo of a cat leaping up his muscular biceps. He leaned his chin on his hand and peered at the screen as if he were helping with Gecko’s homework instead of organizing his gang. A graduate student in Aerospace Engineering, Toby had a brain to match his brawn, and layers of secrets. The Ice Princess sat with her chair pushed away from the others. Her long, silvery locks draped over the back of the seat, she examined her fingernails with a disinterest that was not feigned. Apart from Toby, Estelle did not know their real names.
Rockette said, “Cheers. I’ll go and bother Growler.” She flew across the lawn to the parking lot, and plopped onto the handlebars of the black motorcycle propped by the wall.
Estelle slipped into the chair next to Toby.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, although I introduced them quickly in this short story. Maybe too fast.

  2. Love the way you've described these assorted characters, all so different!

  3. You're still building the suspense as to what this meeting is about with these descriptions. Well done!

    1. Sorry, I had to bring in characters quickly for the short story. If it becomes a novella, I'll have more space.

  4. I'm enjoying trying to match the characters to their nicknames to their real selves - really a great snippet!

  5. Great job describing the characters and the scene!

  6. Fantastic imagery. I could picture the scene.

  7. Sounds like an interesting group! Wonder what they’re really up to?

  8. Well done describing all the different characters, and the scene. Interesting read.

    1. Thanks. Estelle learned about them gradually in the first book, Super Starrella.