Thursday, November 22, 2018

My Black Friday Bargains – a Quartet of 99c #SciFiRomance eBooks


Grand Master’s Game
Book 2 of Epic Science fantasy adventure and romance
Psychically linked lovers fight the powerful Grand Masters dominating the galaxy.
99c at Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N    
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Captured by the Hawk
Intrepid spy, Grey Kat, tangles with notorious space pirate, Captain Hawk, in this comic space novella.
99c at Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N 


When Dr. Nikki Bell’s spaceship crashes on Jupiter’s moon, she swears she was rescued by a mysterious man — but he’s disappeared. From afar, alien Kiron watches the beautiful human he broke every rule to save… and can’t resist meeting her again. Their illicit trysts trigger a chain of disasters in Europa’s perilous oceans.


A Tale of Two Colonies
Naïve colonists discover a planet of giant arthropods - ScFi adventure and romance.
Fight for freedom. Fight to survive - For refugees from an overcrowded Earth, dreams of a better life on an alien planet transform into a terrifying battle for survival.
99c at Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N

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