Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sora calls - snippet from JUPITER for #WeWriWa #SciFi Romance

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Meet writers in various genres and read 8-10 sentence snippets of their stories. Find a new author and sample their work. Enjoy!

This weekend, I’m switching to my WIP, Jupiter, Book 3 of Taxyon Space. Due to the unexpected success of my “cunning” plan for promotion of this series, I have set the book up for pre-order and have a fixed deadline to finish the revisions/polishing. The first book, Europa, was accepted for an international Bookbub, possibly based on my comment: “The Shape of Water mixed with Star Trek.” Okay, my hero is an alien “merman”, but he looks like a normal human apart from his green skin, six-fingered hands and gills. The heroine is a marine biologist, and she quickly realizes he isn’t native to the ocean of Europa. 

Blocked hyper-routes cripple prospects for human-Warrish alliance
Nikki and Kiron Ramis Bell are studying the marine life of Rishalt when they are summoned for an audience with the Prime. Tol-Jadel sets them the task of investigating a hyperspace perturbation near Jupiter. This anomaly threatens to sever the routes connecting Earth and Rishalt. They must return to the ocean of Europa to identity the cause of the disruption. But, tensions are rising between Warrish Watchers and the humans on Galileo Station, and Earth’s governments are squabbling over the proposed alliance with the aliens. Can Nikki and Kiron erase the obstacle before their home planets are separated forever? 

My snippet is the first lines of Jupiter. 

A dozen lengths below the rippling surface of the sea, Kiron Ramis Bell rotated in a full circle, alert for predators or the transparent threads of stingers. As he spun through the water, he slowed to admire Nikki’s slim figure, her curves accentuated by the wetsuit she wore, and her dedication to studying the marine life of Pallivan Preserve. She crouched five paces away, her camera aimed at a sedentary triale. Its slender stalk thinned below the three-petaled magenta top. As he watched, the imitation flower broke away from its stalk and rose toward the surface. They had discovered this phenomenon only yesterday, and she had woken him before sunrise to record the budding.
His qtel vibrated. He descended to plant his feet on the seabed, carefully avoiding the triales, and read Sora’s message, “Come as fast as you can swim.” One of the Prime’s daughters, Brisa Sora Tarlin Galamis had no need to justify her summons, and he guessed she preferred to explain in person.
Nikki looked at him and raised her eyebrows in a question.


JUPITER is available for Pre-order at Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N  

You can learn how the couple met by reading EUROPA. 
Daredevil scientist and abused alien in perilous alliance. 

Europa is 99c this month.
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Ongoing sale - A Tale of Two Colonies

Naïve colonists fight to survive on planet of giant arthropods

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  1. Replies
    1. No. Sora is their host, but the message is serious.

  2. You always provide the most wonderful details to make the scenes and settings 'real' for the reader! Another excellent excerpt...

    1. Thank you - the details are critical for scifi on another world.

  3. This sounds like such a cool world. And I love that cover!

    1. Double thanks! Unfortunately, they'll be leaving this planet sooner than they expected.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I asked for something different and got "Eye-catching" new covers.

  5. Sorry for showing up so late. I loved the setting that opened this book. The details, movements, and colors all cam alive for me.

    1. Thank you - I wanted readers to understand they weren't on Earth.

  6. Great descriptions. You really ground the reader right away.