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#New - Hell Within Walking Distance by Liza O'Connor #Romance with a Touch of #Paranormal

Hell Within Walking Distance
By Liza O’Connor
A Love Story
With Paranormal Events
This story takes place in 1980, when Hell’s Kitchen remained a dangerous place. As a young woman working in Manhattan, I was shocked how one block could make such a huge difference in your likelihood to survive. I traveled to NYC by train, so I had no option but to walk once I arrived at Penn Station. What I quickly learned was to stay far away from Hell’s Kitchen, for even in the early mornings it was NOT SAFE.

Cara faints on a subway and dreams that she wakes in the arms of an adoring husband. This charming, caring man soon claims her heart.
When she reawakens to her miserable life, the memory of her dream life gives her the courage to escape her tormentor. Newly discovered friends help her disappear by placing her in the household of a wealthy philanthropist who is determined to pull his beloved wife out of her coma.
When Cara realizes the philanthropist is her dream husband, she concludes she is to blame for his wife’s coma. Cara is determined to do whatever it takes to return his wife’s soul to her body, even if it kills her.

He evidently sensed her growing ill will over their journey into hell. “I don’t know why you’re in a mood. I’m the one who was unable to buy the coin I wanted. However, if you have gotten us lost, I will be the one who loses my temper.”
God, she hated him! Maybe she should have taken the little Spanish guy up on his offer. Slavery and prostitution couldn’t be much worse than her current situation. Yes, she lived in a beautiful high rise, but other than geography, she didn’t see how her life was much better. She was a virtual slave, waiting for Damon to decide what she could or couldn’t do. The only ‘friends’ he permitted were the wives of his friends, and she could never get beyond their superficial surface to find a personality to befriend. He monitored her food intake and her exercising regime to ensure she maintained a pleasing body. He also selected her reading material.
On occasion, he would send her to a class to ‘improve’ her. The results always disappointed him, and she would endure his lectures on her lack of ambition, talent, and fortitude for many weeks after. However, her most unforgivable sin was her birth in Hell’s Kitchen. He forbade her to tell a soul of her shameful heritage. He provided her a more acceptable history, which she dutifully told to any of the shallow people who pried into her life looking for weapons to use against him.
“Forget your past,” he’d lectured her throughout their fifteen years of co-habitation. However, today, when he wanted a damn coin from a merchant in Hell’s Kitchen, she was suddenly expected not only to remember her past but become a ghetto tour guide.
She sighed in relief as the subway hole came into view. She could tell by the rumbling of the sidewalk, the train was pulling in.
“Shit, we are going to miss the train.” He took off running, leaving her behind.
She tried to keep up, desperately tried. He never allowed her to carry money or have her own subway card, and she knew from prior experience, if it came between Damon catching the train or leaving her behind, he’d leave her in a second. He had done it before, but normally it was in Midtown where she could ask some kind looking gentleman for the cost of a token. There were no kind men on these streets.

About the Author
Liza O’Connor has been writing books for most of her life. Only for the first ten years she didn’t show them to anyone. Then she joined a group called the Rom-critters and her she learned how to make her stories better.
Liza has published over 50+ books
Liza writes fiction, but all her books have a bit of her life in them. As strange as it sounds, Hell Within Walking Distance has much of her life within the story.
Liza is trying to publish a book a month, so more of her books can be published and read. Most of these books were written in her most creative years. But she is still writing new books as well. It just takes longer to write a new book, rather than to improve an already written book from her backlog.
She also writes in many genres, including: Historical and Contemporary Romance, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Modern Western, Fantasy, Ghost stories, Humor, and more.
For a full listing, check out the back pages of one of her current year’s books.

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