Thursday, May 30, 2019

Treasured Independence - Snippet for #WeWriWa from my Medieval Romance

I can’t believe it’s already June! What are your plans for the Summer?

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Meet writers in various genres and read 8-10 sentence snippets of their stories. Find a new author and sample their work. Enjoy!

I am continuing snippets from my new medieval romance set in fourteenth century England in and around my hometown of Reading.
My heroine Audrey and her cousin Margaret have taken a pilgrimage to Glastonbury Abbey. They have left the Abbey and are walking back to the hostel (an inn for pilgrims). Audrey stops to give a coin to an old beggar woman accompanied by a young girl. 

I’ve skipped a couple of lines. Please excuse my minor misuse of punctuation.

     With the stable yard in sight, my timid cousin felt safer. She smiled at me, asking, “Do you ever wish for another child?”
     Tears filled my eyes, threatening to trickle down my cheeks. Surreptitiously, I wiped my knuckles over the corners of my eyes. “Oh Margaret,” I said, “children are both joy and sorrow in my experience. If I had another child, I would dread losing them.”
     “You’ll need a new husband first. Have you thought of making a second marriage?” 
     Amused by her down-to-earth question, I assured her, “I’m happy with my life as a widow.” In truth, I treasured my independence and had no desire to submit to a husband’s will.

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  1. Since you label these snippets 'RO', I'm betting she changes her mind about finding another man.

    1. Of course. In fact, she must settle quickly or she'll be forced to marry a man she despises.

  2. I can certainly see her point but why do I suspect that stance will soon be challenged. A strong woman worthy of the right man.

  3. Interesting reaction to the questions. I like her spirit of independence but given the times I'm sure she'll be under pressure to change her mind...can't wait to read more. Terrific snippet!

  4. I don't blame her for wanting to keep as much independence as she can, especially during that time period.

  5. I like her independence but I have a hunch if she found the right man, she wouldn't have to forfeit it. :)

    1. Yes. That is the question - how can she find the right man?

  6. Very strong person and I like her thinking. So true!