Thursday, January 16, 2020

My Writing Goals for 2020 #IndieAuthor

 My Books

Last year, I published two full-length novels, which brings my total to 14 novels in four series, 2 standalone novels, 2 novellas and 4 short stories. 

For 2020, my writing goals are: 

1) Complete ALARIK, Book 4 in Taxyon Space

This book is intended as the first story in a trilogy about three alien brothers, Alarik, Baswin and Karrik of the Flaming Comet Triad. The youngest, Karrik, was severely wounded during their military service and left as helpless as a newborn baby. His older brothers agreed to serve as undercover agents on Earth to pay for his care. Initially, Alarik and Baswin are disguised as humans. They had to sacrifice their sixth fingers, stain their green skin and conceal their gills. Their stories are entwined with those of three women and the mystery of the alien ship that crashed on Mars.

2) Finish Cosmic Lock, book 6 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy 
This story is partly written, but I put it aside to promote Taxyon Space. 
 GM Galaxy

3) Two possibilities are: 
A) Continue the story of the three brothers in Baswin, Book 5 in Taxyon Space

B) Write a second Medieval Romance and expand Dame Audrey into a series. The series would be set in the same region of fourteenth century England and stories would be linked by a touch of fantasy and Bridda’s blessing. 


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