Monday, January 6, 2020

Snippet from ALARIK - Phoebe sees his alien form #SciFiRom


Two people fleeing their planets discover a shared destiny.
When an alien spacecraft crashes on Mars, the repercussions sweep throughout the solar system and endanger the fragile new alliance with the Warrish mermen.  
Alarik Kenton Tallis, Eldest of three brothers, was forced to infiltrate human society on Earth as a spy to insure his injured brother receives proper medical care. But when his transmissions are detected, he must flee the planet.
On Mars, Phoebe Wong, a veterinary scientist with dubious family connections, is desperate to escape the underworld gangs terrorizing the domed city. She jumps at the chance to join the colonists bound for a distant exoplanet.
Their paths converge on a space ferry bound for the outer planets. Troubles generated by the mysterious spacecraft pursue them to Jupiter. Will their flight end on Europa, the hyperspace gateway to the stars protected by three diverse species?

Phoebe has spent a lot of time with Rick Kent on the space ferry, but she doesn’t know he is an alien. In this excerpt, she finally sees him without his disguise. Note: Warrish men have colorful hairstyles and moustaches. Alarik has very striking hair.   

Several Warrish men were relaxing in the room. They wore identical clothing of loose white tunics with wide belts and scaled green leggings over their six-toed bare feet. Near the entrance, a familiar triad with matching blue hair leaned on the counter, each man clasping a flask of greenish liquid. Another triad, three men with maroon Mohawks, sat around a table. In the middle of the counter, a tall Warrish man was filling a flask from a spigot. His flamboyant hair style caught her attention. His locks swept back over his scalp like a fiery wave with vivid orange roots shading to yellow at the tips. His eyebrows and short moustache had the same orange to yellow coloring. His left cheekbone bore a triad mark, an orange streak terminating in a yellow spot. Like several of the others, he wore wrist guards of gleaming copper. As she drew nearer, his familiar profile twisted her heartstrings.
He turned toward her, halting to stare at her. He smiled, warm recognition sparking in his vivid green eyes. “Hello, Phoebe. What tides swept you here?”
She scanned his green-tinged face with the strange intense eyes and orange tattoo. “Rick? Is it really you?”
“It’s true.” He placed his hand over his heart, bowed and touched two fingers to his triad mark. “Alarik Kenton Tallis, First of the Flaming Comets. That’s my real name. You may call me Rick if you prefer.”

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