Monday, January 6, 2020

Scenes in and around Savannah, GA #Nature

     My husband and I stayed in Savannah on the coast of Georgia over the New Year. Here are some pictures from our visit. On the top, a view of the bridge over the Savannah River at sunset. 
     Savannah is a pedestrian-friendly city and also offers free trolley rides and a free ferry across the river. We dined at a variety of restaurants within walking distance of our rental place. 

      Savannah is noted for its squares, each centered on a monument. Since it's a southern city, the trees are draped in Spanish moss. 

  Here's the view from the rear window of our rented one-bedroom house. A cat came to visit one morning. 

  One of our favorite local sites is the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. Alligators and various birds are common in the Refuge. This alligator was on the trail watching another one in the water. We also saw an armadillo and a dead bobcat. 

     Tybee Island is another place we enjoy visiting. When our sons were young, we often stayed there. Not many people were on this section of beach since they were replenishing the sand by dredging from farther out in the sea. 

   The pier on Tybee beach had a crowd of birds looking for handouts. Most were seagulls, however, a flock of boat-tailed grackles were perching on the rails. This one, a female, had found a piece of bread. 

What are your favorite places to visit? 

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