Saturday, February 29, 2020

Master Stimon's work - snippet from COSMIC LOCK for #WeWriWa

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I’m posting snippets from the beginning of my new story, Cosmic Lock, the 6th book in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy. This series stars Violet Hunter and Athanor Griffin. In the Cosmic Trilogy, books 4-6, they are both Grand Masters with immense powers, including teleporting interstellar distances. They had left their 13-month old son, Varan, in the care of their old tutor, the White Mother Tingu, while they crossed the Cosmic Rift to rescue some abducted children.
When Violet goes to fetch Varan, she finds Tingu’s cottage in flames and fears her son is dead. Her partner, Athanor, wakes her from a faint and says he cannot detect dead bodies in the shell of the burned cottage.  
The last line was: She gripped his forearm, crying, “Have the Nulls stolen our son?”
Notes of explanation for readers new to this series: Hanuman is another Grand Master and their ally. Master Stimon is the dwarf smith with a forge in the volcanic cone.
We continue, with apologies for minor changes to fit -
   “If they did, they can’t have gone far. By Tyche’s fortune, two people escaped and alerted Space Corps before the Nulls blocked the main portal on Avalon. I received the alarm sent to summon a Grand Master; when I arrived, Nulls and Ixioths were rounding up the townsfolk. Hanuman popped in soon after, and we dealt with the invaders quickly; I believe Tingu had time to escape with Varan.”
   A faint hope lightened Violet’s misery and she whispered, “But where?” 
   Instead of answering, he pointed to the northern horizon. Billowing black clouds loomed over the snow-covered peaks, and fiery lava fountained above the black cone of the volcano; great swathes of forest were burning on the slopes of the mountains.
   Athanor said, “The volcano erupted shortly after I arrived in the town. Its spume of lava destroyed the Nulls’ shuttle and it crashed on the slopes.”
   “Master Stimon’s work?” 


Draft Blurb
Grand Masters Violet and Athanor Griffin return from beyond the Cosmic Rift with two shiploads of rescued children and escaped slaves, but their enemies have not been idle in their absence. Avalon is in flames and their little son is missing. Finding him may be the easiest problem for the powerful couple. They must unite the fractious Grand Masters, stop the bloodsucking Ixioths from enslaving sentients, and seal the Rift to prevent new incursions of the vindictive Nulls. Can they overcome the challenges and secure peace for the galaxy?

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  1. I want the ability to make a volcano erupt. Good snippet, Aurora. :)

    1. Yes. Characters in this science fantasy have a variety of unusual powers.

  2. So, they haven't gone far yet, but the child is still in grave danger. I hope they act fast!

  3. Sounds like their escape was just as dangerous as staying behind.

  4. At least their child is most likely safe, or as safe as possible under the circumstances. What a harrowing ordeal!

  5. Drama on top of drama here - wow! Like a big budget action movie, now with the volcano...can't wait for more. Terrific snippet!

  6. You heap one disaster on top of another. Great job.

  7. It seems their child may be alive, but the fact that they can't find him immediately, despite the vast powers, has to be terrifying for them.

  8. Lots of drama here. I know they are frantic that they can't find him.

    1. Thanks. They are. Violet isn't usually prone to fainting.

  9. Lots happening. i hope they'll find the children soon.

    1. Just one child. Ironically, they have just returned from rescuing a bunch of other people's children from their abductors.

  10. Wow, a volcano erupted on top of everything else. A lot has happened. I hope they find the child. They have to be scared.

  11. I love the layers of conflict you've been building! Great job. Thanks for sharing. :)